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Here's A Stimulus For You:
We all hope that Washington's economic stimulus plan achieves its desired effect.  Here's another kind of stimulus package - costing far less than a trillion dollars - that where implemented will pay huge dividends in the form of engagement, loyalty, competitiveness and sustainability:
  • Make sure that everyone is on board with your organization's mission, aims, priorities and values.  That means articulating them clearly and assuring that they resonate with organization stakeholders.  It also means letting go of whatever (and perhaps whomever) is not contributing to executing the organization's mission, aims and values, and assuring that especially leaders' practices don't send conflicting messages about what's important.

  • Engage in more truth-telling and transparency.  How many of today's crises would have been averted if only more had stepped up or stepped up more effectively calling attention to unacceptable risk, flawed business plans and questionable practices?  Today we need leaders who can define reality - including what's ugly or scary, who have the courage to tell their truths and to have their truths challenged, and who cultivate environments where others can do the same.

  • Do an "alignment job."  Make sure there is internal alignment - so that structurally "form follows function," and so hiring, compensation, training and measurement practices all reinforce organizational aims.  Don't make mistakes like many of the failed banks, for example, where incentives were aligned with quantity versus quality of approved loans.  Also check for external alignment - sufficient flexibility and innovation so goals, products, business plans and practices fit market and environmental realities.  Enlist everyone's help "walking the talk" - so there is consistency around the fundamentals, and "dancing the dance" by adapting and growing.

  • Improve accountability.  Help everyone keep track of promises and commitments - assuring that not too many are made, and build an accountable culture where everyone makes good on commitments.  Don't fall into the trap that too many executives, officials and athletes have lately of shifting blame for failures elsewhere; we need to accept responsibility for our contributions to mistakes or failures and learn from them. 

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"We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it - but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor."
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