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Getting Away To Get At It 
What are you trying to "get at" these days?    People I know are trying to:
      Decide what's next - work, careers, relationships . . .
      Be more innovative
      Focus on priorities
      Simplify and streamline
      Take better care of themselves
If not "insanity," as the saying goes, certainly stagnation can be "doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results;" doing what we've always done will likely prevent us from getting to what we need to get at.  Sometimes we have to "get away to get at it" - get away from habitual behaviors or established patterns; get away from the usual crowd; get away from how we've always viewed things.  One of the best ways I know of doing that is to literally "get away" - to a different place, with different people, doing different things.  Sigurd Olson, famed naturalist, philosopher and protector of Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area, talked about his "listening point" in the BWCA - his favorite setting for reflection and restoration where he could really hear, and hear things differently.  Each year for many years a good friend of mine has taken a personal retreat  to "take inventory" as he puts it - a disciplined process that he developed for "closing down," "valuing" and "re-opening."  Traveling, especially coupled with the unfamiliar, works for some; breaking usual patterns, interacting with different people or cultures and occupation with travel's attendant challenges can set the stage for discoveries of all kinds.
How can we take the time to get away - especially in today's fast-paced organizations and anxious economic times?  Some might think that's a risk they can't afford to take; but we must also consider the risks we cannot afford not to take.  "Getting away," as risky as it first seems, may be exactly what's needed to stimulate our work, organization, team, relationship or life.  New places, new people and new challenges may very well be the catalysts for learning to see and do things differently that lead to innovation, renewal, growth and real problem-solving.  Getting away holds the same kind of promise as how I first heard Larry Wilson describe an "adventure" - an experience where outcomes are uncertain but the possibility of great rewards exists. 
Whatever you, your organization or team are facing, ask yourself if getting away in some form will help you get at it.  Give some thought to what settings, experiences and guides will afford the best opportunities to see things differently, learn and grow to help you move forward.  I'd love to hear back from you about your favorite "listening points," retreats, adventures and other experiences that have helped you get away and come back renewed.  I encourage you to explore an option that we offer: "SeaChange Ventures;" you can learn more about by visiting and clicking "SeaChange Ventures." 

"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."                
                   Marcel Proust

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