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october 2012
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Focus On:  Storing Your Summer Clothes

Now that it's October, fall is officially here. No longer are the tank tops and shorts going to work - it's time to make room for your fall and winter wardrobe. But don't feel haunted by the thought of the closet switchover. Here are some ideas on how to handle this seasonal ritual, so that it's not a hair-raising experience.
  • Before you start storing those summer clothes, separate out the items you know you won't wear next summer. The easiest way to decide this is: if you haven't worn it, then just get rid of it.
  • For those garments you are not keeping, either donate them or sell them through a consignment shop. The consignment shop you choose may only be taking fall and winter clothes now. So, just store those items in a container marked "consignment." And, come the spring, they'll be all set for you to sell.
  • Of course, to be sure that any pieces you are storing will be ready when the warm weather arrives, you will want to clean, press and fold them carefully. But why not save yourself some ironing next summer? Purchase a covered hanging rack from and hang those clothes instead.
  • For those clothes you do store in a storage container, place a dryer sheet in with them to ensure that they will smell fresh whenever you are ready to wear them.  

With these storage ideas, perhaps the seasonal switchover won't turn out to be such a horror story. And, while you are making the switch, if you find you are in need of some new items for your winter wardrobe, contact GoodDeeds. Our personal shoppers can take care of everything - evaluate your current wardrobe, identify the look that's right for you and recommend key pieces to supplement what you already have. Updating your wardrobe with GoodDeeds means you'll have lots of treats without all the tricks!


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