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June 2012
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Focus On: Apps to Help You Organize

Welcome to the future! With a touch of a finger you can turn your smartphone into an English-French translator, a movie screen, a GPS device, and into a flashlight. So it's no surprise that there are apps on your phone to help you manage loyalty cards, frequent flyer miles, recipes, and even coupons. Check out these apps that will make the paper and plastic in your life a thing of the past!


Key Ring - No longer will you keep forgetting your retail and restaurant reward cards or have to keep the stack of cards with you. With Key Ring, you just scan and store all your loyalty cards on your phone so they will be with you wherever you go.


Swagg - Swagg goes a step further, providing you the opportunity to manage and track the points on those reward cards. It also lets you do the same for any gift cards you may have.


mileBlaster - With mileBlaster you will be able to track all your frequent flyer miles and hotel points. Plus, you can receive weekly and monthly alerts informing you of when your miles will be expiring. And, if you want to know how many air miles you will earn on any given trip, mileBlaster can tell you that too.


Shop'NCook - With Shop'NCook, you can access thousands of recipes, but more importantly, you can organize your own recipes by adding them to their database.


Track My Coupons - How many times have you purchased something and realized, too late, that you had a coupon for it? You may have a pile of coupons at home, and it's so hard to remember what they are for and when they expire. The Track My Coupon app ensures that you will have those coupons and their expiration dates with you at all times. Depending on the operating system you have, you can also receive alerts before those coupons expire.


Your future will be a lot less cluttered with the help of these apps. But, if there is more uncluttering to be done because you have a house filled with too much from the past, contact GoodDeeds. It could be your basement that is in need of organizing. Or maybe it's your closets that need our expertise. It may even be those stacks of memories - our consultants can create customized scrapbooks to showcase your family photos and milestones. Let GoodDeeds get you organized and you'll be back to the future in no time!


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