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may 2012
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Focus On: Yard Sales

 You, finally, have finished your spring cleaning and now you are looking at all those piles of clothes and toys, and even that set of golf clubs you haven't used in 10 years. So, you want to have a yard sale, but how do you ensure it's a success? Just ponder these yard sale pointers (a.k.a., the three P's!) for a productive yard sale you can be proud of.


  • Pick a date when there is no publicized community event. You want to be the main attraction!
  • Plan to sell more than the piles you already have. Walk through every room of your home, and try to find something you really don't need any more. You'll have more to sell and be doing even more cleaning.
  • Prepare your items to be sold - clean and organize them at least two weeks before the yard sale. 
  • Promote your yard sale on, a site all about where to find yard sales in any area.


  • Position eye-catching items close to the road and at eye-level. 
  • Place items together as you would see them in a department store. For example, have sections for house wares, media, clothing and toys.  
  • Put colorful plastic tablecloths on tables to make your yard sale more inviting and to help make the items seem more valuable.


  • Price your items using Goodwill's donation value guide at   

Now, with these pointers, you are ready to pencil in a date for your yard sale. Still need help organizing your home and figuring out what to get rid of -- contact GoodDeeds. Our consultants will help you sort, organize and place everything where it needs to be. We'll prepare your home to be poised for perfection!


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