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april 2012
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Focus On: Recycling

To recycle or not to recycle, that is the question! And, here are the answers for some of those items that we just don't know what to do with when it comes to recycling.
  • Envelopes - All standard envelopes can be recycled with regular office paper because there are filters in the recycle process that remove the glue strip on the flap. You can even recycle the ones with windows, just not padded or Tyvek envelopes. You can, however, send the Tyvek envelopes to DuPont which recycles them into plastic lumber. Just mail them to Tyvek Recycle, 2400 Elliham Avenue, #A, Richmond, Virginia 23237.
  • Prescription Drugs - MedSafe Disposal offers a simple solution for recycling your prescription drugs. At, you can purchase pre-paid postage envelopes for safely mailing your unused medications. MedSafe will then properly dispose of them.
  • Paper shopping bags with metal grommets and ribbon handles - These are fine to be recycled just as they are.
  • Paper takeout food containers - Only plastic food containers, that can be washed, are recyclable because the food remnants can contaminate the paper bales at the mills.
  • Tinfoil - Since tinfoil is really made out of aluminum, not tin, it is recyclable! Just rinse it off, roll it up and throw it in the bin.
  • Wine corks - Because wine corks are natural, they are biodegradable so they should be thrown in the compost bin. Plastic corks, however, are unable to be either recycled or composted. 

Now you have the answers to some of those nagging questions. But, you may still feel uncertain when it comes to recycling, as each city and town has its own guidelines. Contact our GoodDeeds consultants. We'll help you set up a comprehensive recycling system that will work for you and for where you live - no question!

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