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Focus On: Cutting Your Home Expenses

Tax day is fast approaching, and as you prepare your taxes, it may be becoming quite clear that you will be writing a large check, instead of receiving one. It might be too late to do anything about your taxes, but why not see where you can cut some other financial costs? Here are some ways to do just that.
  •  Appeal your property tax bill - With the decline in the housing market, you may be paying too much in property taxes. To find out, get a copy of your home's assessment from your assessor's office and compare it with the assessments of similar homes in your area. Then appeal because about 75% of appeals result in a tax reduction.
  • Install safety devices in your home - Alarms and even dead bolts can help you qualify for a homeowner's insurance discount.
  • Keep an eye out for changes in your neighborhood - The installation of a fire hydrant within 100 feet of your home or the construction of a fire station near your neighborhood could also reduce your homeowner's insurance rates.
  • Have an energy assessment - Call Mass Save (an initiative sponsored by the Massachusetts' gas and electric utilities) and schedule a Home Energy Assessment. They will help you determine your home's current energy use and provide you with a comprehensive list of energy (and money)-saving recommendations. You can find Mass Save at

We've only scratched the surface with these few suggestions on how to reduce your expenses. Contact GoodDeeds, and we'll conduct extensive research on other money saving ideas or on whatever subject you need to learn more about. Our GoodDeeds consultants will dig deep to get you the information you need.






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