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november 2011
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Focus On: Making A Difference

With the holiday season almost here, our thoughts are turning to shopping, decorating, celebrating, and, of course, to giving - including giving to those in need. So, as the holidays approach, here are some ideas for giving that will make a difference.

  • Teachers' helper - At, teachers create wish lists of supplies that they need, and then, you make those wishes come true.    

  • The gift that keeps on giving - Would you like to give contributions to one charity all year long? Visit where you set up automatic donations that are just like your bank's automatic bill payments.    

  • Life changers - It's hard to believe, but, in a third world country, one goat is so important to an undernourished child's life, providing milk, cheese and yogurt. And, a simple bed net can help stop malaria. Check out to donate something that can make a life-saving difference.

  • Be fruitful and multiply - Order delicious gifts from and an equal amount of fresh fruit will be donated to a food bank.

  • A gift card that gives - When you purchase a GiveCard at, 10% of the value goes to the charity of your recipient's choice. The balance is for your recipient to use for whatever he/she wants.    

  • Money isn't everything - If you prefer to donate actual items, check out  You'll learn how to match what you want to donate, with charities in need.

  • You may have the spirit of giving, but with the holidays approaching, not the time to make it happen. Let GoodDeeds help. We can find the right charitable organization for your donations, pack up all your donated items and get them to the right location. Then, instead of feeling the stress from not getting it done, you'll feel the joy of making a difference.
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