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september 2011
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Focus On: Home Office Musts


Are you one of the many that are working from your home now? Or is your home office the "home" office for your family? Whatever the reason, you want to be sure that your workspace is good for both your physical health and for your productivity. Here are some important tips for setting up a home office that will do its job!

 The right height - When you type, your work surface should, ideally, be one inch lower than your elbow but, certainly, no higher than it. If you find your desk is too high, and you can't raise your chair, you can purchase a laptop desk from which works with a laptop or keyboard.

 Please be seated - If your chair isn't adjustable, but you need the seat to be higher, sit on a firm pillow. And, if the chair doesn't have lumbar support, you should stuff a rolled hand towel (secured on both ends with elastic bands) into the empty space created when you lean back in the chair. Instead of the towel, you can also use a chair wedge such as the one by Safco found at

 Laptop or desktop - Experts recommend a desktop computer as the large-size monitor blocks out distractions while minimizing neck strain. If you prefer a laptop, you can tilt the screen upward with the help of a laptop stand, such as the Laptop Riser from

 A tangled web - Keeping your office uncluttered will make for a more organized and productive office.  However, with all the technology needed for an office today, the wires make their own tangled clutter. To help reduce the number of wires, use a wireless recharging mat, such as the Powermat Home and Office Mat found at It allows you lay up to three devices on it for charging - and no wires!

 Let there be light - Always position your computer at a perpendicular angle to any windows, so that the light doesn't wash out your screen. The computer screen should be brighter than the lighting in the office, so you may need to get a lamp and turn off any overhead lights.

 True blue - When you paint the office, choose cool shades and definitely stay away from red. Studies have shown that people working in offices with blue/green-toned paint experienced less tension and confusion than those in offices with red-toned paint.

With the help of these tips, you and your office will have no trouble being productive. But, does the idea of setting up your home office, seem like too big of a job? Then, contact GoodDeeds. We'll make sure that the office space and its shelves, desk drawers and filing cabinets are all utilized in the best way possible. Then, we'll develop organizational systems that will keep you and your office running smoothly. With the help of GoodDeeds, you'll have the home office that works for you!

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