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May 2011
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Focus On: Save-the-Date Cards and Invitations 


With wedding and graduation season almost here, you may be thinking about sending out invitations or save-the-date cards for an upcoming event. But, you may not be sure of what details should and should not be included. We, cordially, invite you to read on and learn the dos and don'ts of creating a save-the-date card or invitation.


Save-the-Date Cards:
 Do include (in addition to names, occasion date, and location) information about local hotels and other travel details. You can even include a link to your event website, if you have one.
 Do not include an RSVP.
 Do mail your save-the-date cards around six months prior to the event and eight months for a distant destination.
 Do not include where you're registered. The only acceptable vehicle for registry information is an event website.
 Do add "and guest" to be clear about who is invited to the celebration.


 Do all invitations in the third person.
 Do not use abbreviations.
 Do use titles when addressing the invitation to clergymen, military officers, and medical doctors.
 Do place the wife's name above her husband's, on the outer envelope, when a woman prefers to use her professional title or has retained her maiden name after getting married.
 Do not use punctuation at the end of lines.
 Do not include "no children allowed," gifts, or where you are registered.


If you would like help with your custom save-the-date card or invitation, do contact our GoodDeeds consultants. We can take care of it all, from the designing and printing to the addressing and mailing. That will give you more time to spend on everything else for your event - now that's something to celebrate!














































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