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april 2011
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Focus On: Energy (and Money) Saving Ideas


Why not celebrate Earth Day - April 22nd  -  by doing something to help the planet that also helps you, too?! Here are some hi-tech (and low-tech) ways to reduce energy usage in your home. 


 Visit and use the website's energy calculator. You can determine how much energy each of your electronics is using, even when it's not turned on. It will also show you how much that usage is costing you. 


 If you would rather find out what you are spending on electricity, as it's being used, check out TED (The Energy Detective) at It's a home energy monitor that lets you see electricity usage in real time. It will tell you what you are spending on electricity every second of the day and give you daily and monthly totals. Plus, if you are not home to see the data, you can view it, remotely, on any computer or smartphone.


 Chargers for cell phones and laptops draw power from the outlet when plugged in, even if the charging is complete. A solution to this is the Smart Strip Power Strip found at This surge-protecting power strip is, actually, able to 'sense' the flow of electricity, and stop it, completely, when the electronics are not in use. This works, not only for chargers, but anything that is plugged in - your hair dryer, coffee maker, and even your television.


 One more, simple energy-saver that may not be so high tech, but is effective, is the child-safety, outlet cover. These covers are a great way to stop drafts that come through your outlet. You can find them at


Looking for more energy saving ideas? Or is there something else you need information about? Whether it's learning about protecting the planet or assisting you with picking a pediatrician, our GoodDeeds research consultants have the expertise to help you with whatever, on earth, you have questions about.






























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