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Focus On: Your Own Personal (Website) Assistants!  

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone handle those must-do errands that you just don't have time to do? With these personal assistant websites, it's almost like you do have that someone! is an online, convenience store for items like toiletries, over-the-counter medicines, cleaning products and laundry supplies. But it's a store with much more. You "tell Alice" who lives in your home and what you use. She'll stock all your home essentials, keep track of when it's time to replenish (sending you a reminder when she believes you may be running low) and she finds relevant coupons applying them automatically. To top it off, everything on is priced lower (often 20 to 30 percent) than at many other retailers, and all your purchases are delivered for free. does greeting card shopping for you. If you want to send a birthday, anniversary or 'miss you' card but don't have time to get to a card store or the post office, no worries. Jack Cards will deliver to you, stamped and addressed, all the cards you need. You'll receive each card in time to write your own personal message and to get it in the mail so it arrives on the correct date. If you prefer, Jack Cards will handwrite a message for you and mail your card directly to the recipient. is a free service that keeps track of all the presents you've ever given. Not just what the gifts were, but to whom they were given and what their gift preferences may be. You can also have a list of who gave you what for your birthday, holidays, wedding and any other events. Gift Elephant reminds you of upcoming holidays, birthdays and special occasions and will also help you manage your thank-you notes. For a small fee, they'll even print and mail those thank-you notes.


With these websites, you'll have no trouble getting those errands done. But perhaps you prefer a more personal touch, especially, when it comes to your gift purchasing. Our consultants, with their creativity and attention to detail, will find the perfect gifts for any occasion, making sure they are wrapped beautifully and delivered on time. Let GoodDeeds manage it all, so you can enjoy the gift of time.


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