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January 2011
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Focus On: Home Maintenance Tips by the Month


Your 2011 calendar is, probably, already filled with doctor's appointments, the kids' activities, and everyone's birthdays. But, what about scheduling those routine home maintenance checks? If any of these simple maintenance checks are left undone, it could mean an unexpected house call from the plumber or electrician. Here are some monthly home maintenance tips that will keep your calendar clear of any of those unwanted visits.

 January - Be sure that your attic insulation is doing its job. If snow melts soon after a snowfall or if icicles form even when the temperature remains consistent, you may be losing too much heat.
 February - Is your gas meter iced over? If it is, contact your gas utility company because there could be a malfunction which could result in a gas leak.
 March - Make sure your fire extinguisher is properly pressurized by checking the position of the needle. It should be in the green section. 
 April - Be sure that your outdoor play equipment didn't get damaged over the winter, especially the wood structures. Examine the base for rotting as this will weaken the structure, and sand or cut any splinters you find.
 May - Spray for poison ivy because experts are saying it's reproducing faster than ever before.
 June - Beat the rush in the fall and schedule your annual chimney inspection. You may even get an off-season discount.

 July - For any south- and west-facing windows, lower the shades. You will keep 45% of the sun's heat out of your home, keeping everyone cooler.
 August - Clear your dryer vents because birds often build nests in them which creates a potential fire hazard. By August, the birds are no longer breeding, so you can easily remove the nests.
 September - Be ahead of the game and have your heating system inspected now. You don't want to wait until the first 30 day happens. Everyone else will be calling for an appointment then too.
 October - Test your windows for drafts by running a lit candle along the perimeter of each window. The window may require caulking or weather stripping if you find the flame flickering.
 November - Be sure to lubricate all locks and hinges as they can stick with the dry winter air.
 December - As little as four or five leaves can block a downspout so clean your gutters because some trees lose their leaves as late as December.


For those home management projects that require a lot more attention, contact GoodDeeds. Whatever you have planned - from renovating your bathroom to landscaping your backyard - our GoodDeeds consultants will manage the entire project, giving you more time for everything else on your calendar.

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