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december 2010
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Focus On: How to Return Anything


'Tis the season for giving and receiving. And, soon it will be the season for returning! Here are some great ways to make even the most difficult of returns a piece of cake...

 Be the early bird - Returns should be made before noon because the stores and salespeople are less busy. If morning isn't possible then try mid-afternoon after the lunch crowd and before the after-work rush. Also, for returns on weekends, Sundays are better than Saturdays because there will be smaller crowds.


 Make the call - If you know you have a questionable return, contact the department or store manager, in advance, and explain the situation. Developing a relationship with the manager may lead him/her to make an exception.

 The more the merrier - Bring as much paperwork as you can. If you don't have the receipt, bring the tags and, if possible, the statement from the credit card that was used. For catalog purchases, be sure to keep the shipping forms as evidence of the purchase.

 Take it slowly - Don't plan to return anything when you are in a rush. For any problematic transactions (no receipt, expired return-by date or no tags), the salesperson is more likely to help you if he/she doesn't feel rushed or pressured.

 But then be quick about it - Stores are more likely to be lenient about return policies right after the holidays to accommodate all the shoppers returning gifts. So you may have to deal with long lines, but you'll be able to make the return and you'll also get the best selection of alternative merchandise for any exchanges.


Make sure the gifts you give this holiday season are less likely to be returned. Contact GoodDeeds to help with gift ideas, shopping, wrapping and shipping. Let GoodDeeds handle it all so you can ring in the New Year with a clean slate and a lot more time for yourself!
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