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Focus On: Tips to Make Your Wardrobe Last
With fall upon us, you may be buying clothes for back-to-school, the office or even the holidays. And, of course, you want them to last for more than just this season. So, here are some tips for keeping those new duds new longer...
 Dryer beware - Excessive heat can cause fabric fibers to break down, so remove lightweight garments such as T-shirts, camisoles and anything with spandex (which can lose elasticity when exposed to too much heat) ten minutes earlier than heavier garments.
 Clean your whites after every wear - Body oils, perspiration and even perfume will start to give something that is bright white a yellowish tint.
 But not your darks - Frequent washings leads to faded clothes. For the best results, wear them several times before washing,  run them on a short cycle in cold water and, then, let them air-dry.
 Give your cashmere a big hand - Repeated dry cleanings can lead to fiber breakage. Instead, hand wash your cashmere with lukewarm water and a mild soap. Remove the excess water by rolling it in a towel and be sure to lay it flat to dry. Your cashmere will not only last longer, but will feel softer, too.
 Put your clothes in reverse - Ironing will fade dark colors and create shine marks on fabrics with sheen. So, for those items, it's best to turn them inside out.
 Don't take your sneakers for a ride -You should not keep your sneakers in the car because extreme temperatures - hot or cold - can wear down the rubber. This means less shock absorption when you're working out. And, for the same reason, never dry sneakers on a radiator or in a hot dryer. Always air-dry them.
 Protect your jewelry - To avoid a greasy buildup on your jewelry, be sure to wait 15 minutes after applying body lotion or perfume before putting any jewelry on. And, remove all jewelry before swimming in a pool as the chlorine will wear away the surface and the shine.
With these tips, you'll be keeping your clothes and accessories looking their best. And, if you want to always look your best, contact our GoodDeeds consultants. Our Personal Shoppers can help with a wardrobe assessment and provide assistance purchasing a whole new wardrobe or finding some key pieces to complement what you already have.  For all your personal shopping needs, GoodDeeds is the perfect fit! 
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