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September 2010
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Focus On: Remembering It All
There are so many things to remember on any given day - the time of your son's orthodontist appointment, the names of the neighbors that just moved in, points you want to make during your upcoming conference call. With this information overload, it's hard to remember it all. Here are some ways to help you recall it when you need it.
 Do the unexpected - Create unlikely connections when you need to remember something. For example, put your watch on the other wrist to remind you to make that reservation when the restaurant opens. Not finding the watch where it should be, triggers you to make that call.
 Make your list and check it twice - Instead of keeping all you need to do in your head or on a piece of paper that you may misplace, use to create an on-line "to do" list. Then you can easily refer to that list and it, certainly, can't get lost!
 Pick a room, any room - If you are trying to remember information about a new acquaintance, use the room technique. Choose a room that's familiar to you and as she tells you things about her life, picture her doing these things in different parts of the room.
 Get tickled - Use to help you remember something on your "to do" list. This website lets you sign up for free email and text message reminders for all your important to do's whether it be household chores, sending an anniversary card or even taking your medication.
Got too much to do on that "to do" list? Let GoodDeeds help. Think of us as a personal assistant to take care of everything from paying your bills, to planning your upcoming trip, to purchasing holiday gifts for all your corporate clients. GoodDeeds will manage your "to do" list without any to-do!
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