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August 2010
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Focus On: The Camera Phone - A Time and Money Saver
Cell phones are great for capturing the moment. But how about using it to capture some money and time, too!  
 Compare prices - Having a photo is a great way to compare prices on-line or at different stores. By photographing the item, the full name and price of the product, you can refer to the picture no matter where you are. Then you can choose the retailer with the best price.
 Get a diagnosis from your doctor - Do you have what looks like a rash, but you aren't sure? Your physician may be able to provide you with an opinion from an emailed photo, saving you the time and expense of an office visit.
 Remember a memorable wine - If you really enjoyed a bottle of wine at a restaurant, take a picture of the label so you can find it at the store.
 Find your parked car more easily - When you park in a large lot, take a picture of the nearest lot section sign or closest identifiable landmark. If you are parked on the street, take a picture of the nearest street sign. When you return, you'll find your car in no time!
 Document a traffic accident - First, photograph the damage to all the vehicles. Then, take pictures of all the license plates. And, don't forget to snap shots of the entire accident scene. These pictures may very well help if there's a dispute over what happened or how much damage there was.
 Keep decorating ideas with you - When you see a fabric, a piece of furniture, a light fixture or even an appliance, take a picture. Then you can easily show your interior designer what you're interested in!
So don't be camera shy about taking photos for any reason, from the doctor to the decorator. Do you have the pictures, but not the decorator? Contact GoodDeeds.  Our experienced professionals can manage and coordinate all your decorating and renovation projects, making your home look picture perfect!
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