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July 2010
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Focus On: Organizing Your Garage
Now that summer is here, you may be digging through piles of clutter in your garage to find your son's boogie board. Or maybe you are searching, endlessly, for those garden clippers. It may be time to organize your garage! A great way to do this is to categorize everything into groups. Then place those groupings in spots closest to where they will be used. Here are some examples:  
1. Garden Tools - Keep them near a side door leading to the yard or an area close to the opening. You can get the rolling garden organizer from which will let you roll all your tools right out to the yard.
2. Sporting Goods - Use a sports equipment organizer for all your sports gear (like the one from and place it away from any vehicles. The kids can find their bats, balls, skates, and helmets without adding a scratch or ding to your car.
3. Home Improvement - On the wall, closest to the house entrance, put pegboards for hanging paintbrushes, hand tools and even extension cords. Then add shelves for buckets and other large items. Check out for adjustable shelves that require no drilling when installed.
4. Wires and Adhesive Tapes - Anything on a spool can be stored on the shelf using a paper towel holder you can easily find at
Would you prefer to be in the sun than in your garage this summer? Then, contact GoodDeeds. Our consultants will organize your entire garage or any other part of your home for you. That way, you can be relaxing in those beach chairs instead of searching for a place to store them.
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