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Focus On: Unusual Uses for Everyday Items
In this age of technology, we find ourselves multi-tasking all the time. So, it's no surprise we have found ways for things we use every day to multi-task, too. Check out these innovative uses for some of your favorite household items.
  Post-it notes - They stick to your computer to remind you of that important meeting, but Post-it notes can also be used to clean your computer. Run the sticky side of the Post-it note between the keys to collect lint, crumbs and anything else that may be hiding there.
  Olive oil - Need your shoes shined but don't have shoe polish? No problem. Just rub olive oil on your shoes for a sparkling shine.
  Nail polish - For a cleaner bathroom, be sure to have some nail polish on hand!  You can prevent rust stains in the bathroom just by coating the bottom of a shaving-cream can with clear nail polish.
  Toothpicks - With the aid of a toothpick, you will no longer have to be aggravated because you can't find the end of an adhesive tape roll. When you are done using the tape, wrap the tape around a toothpick so you can easily locate the end next time.
  Circular felt floor protectors - Having trouble keeping those strappy dresses on hangers? Those felt circles that keep your chairs from scratching the floor can help. Stick the felt circle onto each end of the hanger to keep clothes from sliding off.
  Car wax - Car wax can shine more than just your car. You can also use it to on your kitchen and bathroom metal fixtures to make them shiny and spot-free.

Just as these items have hidden talents that can help you in ways you never thought about, so can GoodDeeds. Whether it's creating a customized scrapbook to showcase your family photos, managing a full wardrobe makeover, or developing a comprehensive customer survey for your business, our consultants will take care of every detail - using their own set of hidden talents!
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