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Focus On: Going Green While Saving Some Green
The word "green" has taken on a whole new meaning as recycling, shopping with reusable bags and going paperless are becoming a part of our everyday life.  But, there's no reason why thinking green can't also save you some green.  So, check out these money-saving ideas that are good for the environment and your wallet too.
  Let the dishwasher be your dish washer - Dishwashers not only clean better than you do, but also use much less water than washing by hand.
  Switch your light bulbs - By changing five of your most frequently used lights in your home to compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, you'll save $30 or more in electricity costs over the bulb's lifetime.
  Change your computer's energy settings - Save 50% in energy costs just by adjusting your computer's power management settings. Look for the power management options in your computer's control panel. From there, select the amount of time your computer should wait before entering the energy savings mode. The shorter the setting the more savings for you and the environment.
  Replace your car's air filter - A clean air filter can improve gas mileage by as much as 10%, and can save you 28 cents a gallon while reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.
  Use cold water instead - Doing laundry in hot water costs up to nine times as much per load as washing in cold, while washing in warm costs up to five times as much. Cold water is just fine for cleaning all your clothes, and once again, you will cut down on the quantity of carbon dioxide emissions.
  Turn down your water heater - The water heater is usually set at 140. Lower it to 120 and you'll save up to 10% on your electric bill while extending the life of your water heater and pipes by reducing mineral build-up and corrosion.

For other ways to help put you 'in the black' while going green, contact GoodDeeds.  Our research experts will provide you with innovative ideas for making your home eco-friendly.  Then, our consultants will take these ideas and assist you with whatever changes are necessary.  When it comes to helping the environment, leave it to GoodDeeds to make sure that going green doesn't make you see red.
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