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Focus On: Negotiating 
When it comes to car or home buying, you expect to negotiate the price. But would you ever consider negotiating at the supermarket or hair salon? With the economy as it is, retailers and service companies may be more likely to work with you on their prices. Check out these not-so-typical ideas for negotiating that may save you money.   
·  Bank Fees - Since banking is a highly competitive service industry, most banks recognize that they need to keep their customers happy. What better way than waiving check-printing charges and late fees?
·  Groceries - Meat, dairy foods and baked goods that are near their expiration dates will be thrown out if they aren't sold. So, it's the perfect time to ask the manager about marking down the prices of these products. Farmer's markets are also great places to bargain, especially if you are willing to purchase large quantities, late in the day.
·  Electronics - Because credit card companies charge processing fees, offering to pay cash for that plasma television you want, is a great negotiating tactic. Mention you're going to visit a competitor's store for the same item, and that may save you money, too.
·  Hair Salons - If you can be flexible on when you schedule your hair appointments, ask your hair stylist about paying less for an appointment during off-peak hours. And, be sure to ask for a loyalty discount if your stylist moves to a new salon.
·  Catalog Purchases - Before you place your order, check to see if there's a promotional discount on the merchandise you are buying. Often there are advertised discounts available, but operators are not allowed to mention them unless you ask. (You can also search for a particular vendor promotional code just by typing in the name of the retailer and the words "promotional code.") And, if an item you want is backordered, but you don't need it quickly, say you would be willing to wait as long as the price is reduced.
·  Subscriptions - Publishers don't usually make money on subscriptions, they make it on advertising. But, they need you to be looking at the ads. So, call the circulation department and mention the possibility of canceling unless you are given a discount.
Next time you are making one of these purchases, just remember, it never hurts to ask! But, if you prefer that someone else do the asking, contact GoodDeeds. From research and recommendation to price negotiation, our consultants will manage the entire purchase process for you, taking care of all the key questions and getting all the right answers.
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