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Focus On: After Holiday Organizing
The beautifully wrapped gifts have been opened, the delicious treats have all been eaten, and the New Year's ball has dropped. Yes, the holidays are over, but you have plenty of holiday reminders still all over the house. What should you do with it all? Check out these ideas for ringing in 2010 in a very organized way!
ˇ  Donate or pass along decorations you did not use this year. If it's not up, it's out!
ˇ  Store similar holiday items together in storage bins. Label each container so it will be easy to identify each bin's contents when you pull everything out next holiday season.
ˇ  With holiday baking behind you, why not clear your kitchen clutter? Start with your spice rack or drawer. Toss any old spices that you didn't use this holiday season or haven't used in years.
ˇ  If you shopped "after holiday" sales for next holiday season, be sure to write down what gifts you bought and for whom. And, if you purchased cards, wrapping paper, or other holiday supplies during these sales, be sure to write a note for yourself in your November 2010 calendar reminding you where they are being stored.
ˇ  Update your address book from the holiday cards you received this year.
Take the time to write down what your family really enjoyed about the holidays and what they didn't. Keep this in your November 2010 calendar so you can remember which activities to repeat and which not to.
ˇ  And, finally, take inventory of your holiday décor before you pack everything away for another season. Many of these items have value and having a record of them may be useful for insurance purposes. Take a picture of each item and mark its value on the back of the photo.
Perhaps you think that organizing your home would be the perfect New Year's resolution. However, you also promised to take more time for yourself in 2010. Let GoodDeeds help you realize both resolutions. We can manage all your after-holiday organizing, as well as any other type of organizing you may need, leaving you more time for you! 

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