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Focus On: Websites to Help You Stay Organized

Does the relaxed routine of summer seem a distant memory?  Feeling a little "frightened" by all you have to do to keep your life and home organized? Check out these websites that may make staying organized easy as pumpkin pie...  posts a new recipe for every day of the week. You can even click on the ingredients you don't have, and it will, automatically, generate a printable grocery list.
  No need to wonder how bad the traffic is this morning - just log onto, and you can instantly find out what traffic is like on your route.
  Can't remember everything you have to do? Just check out This website will send reminder emails and texts to help keep you on schedule. is the website for the person with piles of magazine articles and web-page printouts. This site serves as a virtual scrapbook of clippings for anything you want to capture - business cards, web pages, twitter messages, notes, even wine labels.
  Before you leave for the airport, use  Enter the departing airport to get a map showing all the flight routes. Each route is color-coded showing you if, and for how long, each flight is delayed.
  Having an up-to-date home inventory is important for insurance and tax purposes. Check out for an easy and fast way to prepare one.
If the idea of organizing your life and home seems more terrifying than those ghosts and goblins on Halloween, contact our GoodDeeds consultants. Whether it's organizing your basement, facilitating estate sales or conducting comprehensive home inventories, our consultants will make sure that the entire process happens without any tricks, only treats!

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