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August 2009
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Focus On: Cleaning

Do you consider yourself to be more of a Mr. Clean, or more like Charlie Brown's friend, Pigpen? Perhaps somewhere in the middle! Whatever your cleaning style, it never hurts to have a few new tips to make cleaning a little easier.
Here are some great ways to help keep clean at home:
  o  Cyberclean, from, will easily clean your keyboard, mouse and telephone. This high-tech formula, in the form of a putty, absorbs hard-to-reach dirt, food and other particles.
  o  The Clorox Bleach Pen not only gets stains out of your white shirts, but it also works great on mildewed tile!
  o  Oxi-Clean Toss n' Go makes doing laundry much easier. No measuring or pouring detergent again. Just throw a Toss n' Go ball in your machine and it will clean for 25 loads.
  o  Not sure you've gotten all those tiny shards of glass from that broken wine glass? Turn off all the lights and use a flashlight, at an angle, to make the shards sparkle. You will see them clearly and won't have to worry about any missed pieces. 
Now for those of you on the go, here are a few tips so you're at your best wherever you are:
  o  No need to pack that bulky lint roller to keep your clothes looking great when you're traveling. All you need is the pocketsize lint card from
  o  What about those coffee spills in the car? No problem. Check out the portable towel from It looks like a pill, but it's actually an extremely compressed 11"X 9" multipurpose towel.  Simply wet it and watch it appear right before your eyes!
For more cleaning solutions and other tips, contact our GoodDeeds' consultants. We'll do the research and find you what you need. We can handle any research project you have - from finding the right pediatrician and hair stylist if you're relocating, to determining the perfect venue for a special event, or even identifying the right pet psychic for your furry friend! 

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