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June 2009
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Focus On: Flying Right

Summertime is fast approaching. And, if your summer vacation plans include air travel, getting to your getaway may not be so much fun. Here are a few tips to make your travel time a breeze: 
Park with Less Stress. Instead of searching endlessly for a parking space at the airport, you can reserve one with the Park 'N Fly Network. This is offered at 68 major U.S. airports including Boston, Hartford and Providence. Just log onto to make your reservation and your parking spot will be there when you get there.
Fly Through Security. Enroll in Clear (, a registered traveler program, and you'll be able to avoid those long security lines. Clear is accepted at 20 U.S. airports with more to come. After a one-time security approval process, you'll be able to make a bee-line to the express line, every time!
Sit in First Class at Second Class Rates. There is a class of airline ticket called 'Q-up' (also known as 'Y-up' 'H-up' or 'Z') that, in many cases, can put you in the first class section of an airplane for less than the price of a last-minute coach seat. So when booking your next flight, ask your agent for this special class or check out
With these tips, air travel will be so much easier that you may even feel like a celebrity! For more star treatment contact our GoodDeeds' consultants, and we'll help you plan your next trip. Whether you need a complete college tour itinerary, or you are planning a luxurious trip for fifteen to Tuscany, we can arrange all of the details to suit your travel needs.

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