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May 2009
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Focus On: Organizing the Technology in Your Life

There is no doubt that the age of technology has provided us with a whole new level of communication. However, it has also provided us with a whole new level of clutter. Whether it's your home office, your family room, or even your kitchen, if you have electronics you have an ugly web of wires. Here are some ideas to help clean up that clutter.
  The Container Store ( has a solution to unattractive cords hanging off the back of your desk or entertainment center: the XL Cable Organizer which lets you wind multiple cords and cables around a spindle. Another option is the CableBox from With this organizer, you simply place your power strips or surge protectors, with all the attached cables, into the CableBox, hiding everything.
  For all those cords coming out of your laptop taking up desk space, check out the Space Station Organizer, also from  It's a desk organizer that lifts up to reveal a USB hub. It will house all the cables from your laptop and from the other electronics attached to your laptop such as your iPod, camera or scanner.
  To keep your cell phone from taking up valuable counter space while charging, get the Driin Mobile Device Charging Holder, found at It allows you to place your charging cell phone on a small platform, right at the electric outlet.
  Do you have multiple surge protectors because of so many oversized A/C adapters? Instead, try the PowerSquid from It has several outlets, each attached to flexible "tentacles" coming from one power source. Or you can try the Socket Sense Surge Protector from Its sockets are angled and slide back and forth to make room for those bulky plugs.
Check out these simple solutions so that the clutter of the technology age, won't age you! For even more help with your tangle of wires, contact our GoodDeeds consultants. We can organize them and any other area of your home that has you tied up in knots.

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