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April 2009
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Focus On: Recycling At Any Age

Whether you're two or 92, you can help protect our environment. So, in honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, here are some ways to recycle no matter how old you are. 

  • For the Kids:
    Crayons - Send crayons to the National Crayon Recycle Program which melts them down into new ones. Don't forget to leave the wrappers on so they can identify each color. For more information, or to find out where to send the crayons, visit
    Backpacks - The American Birding Association accepts donated backpacks for use by researchers and conservationists. You can find more information in the Birders' Exchange section at
    Glue - Wal-Mart and Elmer's Glue have teamed up to help recycle glue. Check out for details.
    Crocs - SolesUnited recycles used Crocs into new shoes and donates them to families in need. Log onto to find participating drop-off stores.
  • For Teenagers and Those Who Were Once Teenagers:
    DVDs, CDs and Jewel Cases - Swap any unwanted CDs with another music lover on Or recycle your CDs,  DVDs and jewel cases at
    iPods - Bring your old iPod to an Apple store. You'll get 10% off a new one and they will properly dispose of the old one. Just know that the discount is only good that day.
    Prom dresses (and bridesmaid dresses) - Let teenage girls in need wear the dresses you're not wearing any more. Send them to or and help make a girl's dream come true!
  • For the Young at Heart:
    Hearing aids - The Starkey Hearing Foundation recycles used hearing aids no matter how old, regardless of make or model. Visit for more information.
    Eyeglasses - Visit to donate your glasses and sunglasses. You can also drop them off at LensCrafters or Target Optical to donate the glasses to
    Certainly recycling knows no age and can be for everyone. So, as you start your spring cleaning, remember these ideas to help protect the earth. Need help cleaning house?  Contact GoodDeeds -- we'll help get your little piece of the world organized and help you get all your recyclables to the right place too.

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