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February 2009
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Focus On: What to Do With Those Unused Gift Cards, Frequent Flyer Miles and Loyalty Program Points

The holidays are long over, and you have an assortment of gift cards sitting in your drawer. Many of them will still be there next holiday season because they are not from stores where you like to shop. And, how about those mileage and retailer points that you have never used? Here are some tips to help you make the most of these cards and points.
  • For Your Gift Cards:
    o  Visit or and exchange these gift cards for credit at a store that's more to your liking.  And, at you can even exchange the cards for money! also provides you with the opportunity to trade your gift cards for those from stores you're more likely to visit. But, it provides another beneficial feature - this website allows you to register your gift cards and earn interest on them, so they will be worth more in the future.
  • For All Your Travel and Other Loyalty Program Points: also provides assistance with loyalty reward programs. It keeps track of balances in your accounts and provides you with information you need to redeem your points, not lose them.
    o  If you don't plan on using those points, why not donate them? Many of the airlines, hotels and credit card companies allow you to convert your points into charitable contributions. Just check out their websites for the specific details.
    Now those cards, miles and points won't be pointless any more. But, if the idea of managing your loyalty programs, even on-line, is too overwhelming, let our GoodDeeds consultants handle it all for you. And, for anything else that may be too great a task - from a disorganized collection of recipes or photos to a library in complete disarray - our GoodDeeds consultants will overwhelm you with their ability to organize it all.

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