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November 2010
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hands around our school - Pakistan
Students at PSI member Al Muslieh Foundation School in Karachi, Pakistan, carry out the October monthly activity idea. This idea uses hand prints to help students get to know one another.

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PSI celebrates peaceful schools around the world!
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PSI Members share their stories:
The School that Peace Built - Leary's Brook Junior High

Over the coming weeks, PSI will share a series of stories and testimonials from PSI member schools about the impact we are having around the world. Stories will be posted on our website and Facebook page, and shared in this newsletter. The first story in the series is from Leary's Brook Junior High School in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

"In reflecting on the journey thus far, our identity as a Peaceful School affordsLeary's Brook, before and after PSI Leary's Brook Junior High School a focus to move into the 21st century with a purpose in mind for each person in the community. We continue to adopt a collaborative approach to school-based decision making and provide curricular and extracurricular peace education activities for our students. Teaching methods that stress participation, cooperation, problem solving and respect for differences are first and foremost. Student and community-centered conflict resolution strategies are utilized and we continue to maintain exemplary records in community service projects. Our school is the leading contributor to food banks in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and has been a top contributor to World Vision in the Atlantic Provinces."

Read the full story about Leary's Brook . . .

Want to see your school featured in this space? Please contact us to submit your story!
This year, give a gift of peace
joined handsEach holiday season, many of us struggle with finding the perfect gift to give to our friends and families. This year, why not give them a gift of peace? Peaceful Schools International has an alternative gift-giving program called Gifts of Peace. Each donation made to PSI through one of these gifts supports our work with schools around the world. These are gifts that not only make you and the recipient feel good, but also empower students and teachers in all PSI member schools to build a more peaceful world together.

boy with bookDonating to PSI or raising funds for our work is an important way that you can help to support building peace, not just at home, but in schools around the world. Many of the schools and teachers we work with, especially those in developing countries, receive little or no funding or other resources. PSI is committed to working with all organizationsboy signing no name calling pledge that want to make a commitment to peace, regardless of ability to pay. Fundraising is essential to all of PSI's work and supports our activities all over the world, allowing us to provide all member schools with recognition, support, training, materials, and other resources. If you would like to fundraise for PSI, please see Fundraise for PSI for more information.
Free Resource: How to Use Class Meetings
Class meetings are a great tool to help create an inclusive classroom and a positive learning environment. They also help foster a respect for the democratic process and teach students how to deal with differing opinions.

This short online module, How to Use Class Meetings, from Conflict Resolution Education Connections, gives an overview of how and when to use class meetings. It includes some videos of class meetings in progress, meeting facilitation tips, an overview of communication skills learned, and more!

Check out the CREC website for more great information and resources:
PSI Member Survey
If you work at a PSI Member School, or if you are thinking of becoming a member, PSI needs your input! This short survey (5 minutes) will really help us get a better sense of what your needs and interests are, and how we can better help and support you as you build peace in your school. Please click on the link below to take the survey.

Please respond by November 30, 2010. Feel free to forward the survey to other staff at your school as well. Your input and feedback are important to us!
Free Resource: Peace Education Teacher Training Module
Teachers Without Borders has just launched the Dr. Hungwa Memorial Peace Education Program. ThiTeachers Without Borderss program is a curriculum that helps teachers work with their students to foster peace on individual, local and global levels.

The full course content is available free online for self study (download all or parts here). This is a comprehensive and detailed resource that goes into the philosophical and theoretical foundations and definitions of peace education, the many different lenses through which peace education can be viewed (e.g. conflict resolution, gender, environment, human rights education, disarmament, etc.), and finally provides lots of practical information on pedagogical approaches and sample lessons to use to implement peace education in your school and classroom.

Even if you don't follow the curriculum step by step, the full course provides a wealth of resources and information that will be valuable to anyone teaching peace education in both formal and informal settings.

We welcome the following schools that have recently become members of the PSI network!
  • Lake of Two Mountains High School (Deux-Montagnes, Canada)
  • Lt. Colonel Barker V.C. School (Dauphin, Canada)
  • Ridgecliff Middle School (Beechville, Canada)
  • St. Andrew Catholic School (Sudbury, Canada)
  • St. Teilo's Church in Wales High School (Cardiff, United Kingdom)
  • Westwood High School, Senior Campus (Hudson, Canada)
  • Northumberland Regional High School (Westville, Canada)
  • Qatar Canadian School (Doha, Qatar)
  • Soke High School (Soke, Turkey)

For a complete list of all member schools, please see the list of PSI members on our website.

Correction: Show Peace Films
Last month's show peace filmsnewsletter included a link to the Show Peace series of films, a set of conflict resolution tools. The link included in the newsletter did not actually direct users to the full length versions of these films available for free online.

Three of the films are available to watch for free on the National Film Board website. Here is how you access them:

1. Go to

2. Browse to the you want to watch using the available search parameters (select animated and then choose the letter with which the title of the film begins).

The films available for free online are:
- Bully Dance (addresses bullying)
- Elbow Room (addresses conflict styles and negotiation)
- Tête à Tête à Tête (addresses tolerance)

You can still watch clips of all the videos or order them via the Show Peace website:
PSI Product Spotlight: Creating Caring Schools
Creating Caring Schools: Peace-promoting activities for all seasons by Hetty van Gurp
Creating Caring Schools
This book is for elementary and secondary teachers and administrators. It is jam-packed with over 30 practical school-wide initiatives with many variations; CD and sheet music for the original song "The Right Thing to Do" and a full index cross-listing themes and types of project.

Examples of ideas included in the book:
- Gossip Free Day
- Peace Feast
- Kites for Peace
- Random Acts of Kindness

Price: $20.00 (plus shipping)

You can order this product online, or to see all the PSI products available, visit our store.
Peaceful Schools International (PSI) is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides support to schools that have declared a commitment to creating and maintaining a culture of peace.

PSI was founded in 2001 and is a respected and innovative source of support for over 320 schools in 17 countries.

PSI acts as a catalyst and clearinghouse for innovative ideas aimed at creating a school-wide culture of peace.

We welcome your contributions for future editions of Peace Signs.

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