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May 2010
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Peace messages from Pakistan at Millstone River
Millstone River School in New Jersey displays peace messages they received from students at World Learning Grammar School in Karachi, Pakistan.


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PSI celebrates peaceful schools around the world!
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St. Michael School - "The Power of One"

Power of One presentation - St. Michael SchoolSt. Michael School in Sudbury, Ontario recently celebrated being a peaceful school with the "Power of One" presentation. This presentation emphasizes that all students have the power to help end bullying by reporting bullying behaviours when they see them.

Actors put on a green mask when they play the Bully, a purple mask when they play the Target, and a yellow mask for the Bystander. The highlight of the performance is when a volunteer from the audience looks into the Power of One box (which contains a mirror) and sees himself/herself! This leads to the audience taking the Power of One anti-bullying oath.

What a great way to teach an important peace education lesson!

Free Resource for Human Rights Education

The Australian Human Rights Commission has developed a new set of human rights education resources for teachers called rightsED. This kit aims to help students develop a critical understanding of human rights and responsibilities, as well as developing the attitudes, behaviours and skills to apply them in everyday life.

View the kit and download the resources online:

For more great peace education resources, check out the Resources section of the PSI website.

The Art of Peace Summer Camp

Art of Peace Summer Camp
This summer, PSI is excited to again be hosting the Art of Peace Summer Camp for 8 - 13 year-olds at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, NS. There will be two sessions of the camp this year, Week 1, July 26-30 and Week 2, August 16-20.

This camp offers children an opportunity to creatively explore the meaning of peace - within ourselves, in our communities and in the world. The camp will be facilitated by experienced staff, and local artists and peace activists will visit and make presentations throughout each week.

Get more information or register.
Upcoming event: Peace Education Conference in Nova Scotia

Being the Change: Building a Culture of Peace . . .in our classrooms, our communities, and our world

Join us for dialogue, reflection, critical inquiry and action planning!
July 7 - 10, 2010 Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS, Canada

This interactive and action-oriented conference will give participants the opportunity to explore together how peace education, the women's movement, and the disarmament movement have contributed and can continue to contribute to building a more peaceful world for all of us. Building on inspiration from local and global leaders in these areas, the focus of the conference is to encourage dialogue around these themes and to develop some concrete action steps that we can all take to build a culture of peace in our communities.
For more information, contact us at A website, program information, and registration details coming soon!
PSI Regional Coordinator in Pakistan, Nadeem Ghazi visits Canada

Nadeem and Clare at St. Lawrence Academy Junior in Montreal.
Nadeem and Clare visiting St. Lawrence Academy in Montreal
Between April 18 and May 1, Nadeem Ghazi, PSI's Regional Coordinator in Pakistan visited Canada. In addition to extensive training, Nadeem, along with PSI Executive Director Clare Levin, had the opportunity to visit many of our member schools in Quebec and Nova Scotia.

A few photos of our activities are now posted on the PSI Facebook page. View the album.

Nadeem's visit was made possible by a grant from the United States Institute of Peace, which is funding our work in Pakistan.

Sierra Leone bags
PSI Product Spotlight: Bags from Sierra Leone

These functional bags are made from cloth tie-dyed by women in the communities in Sierra Leone in which PSI works. The bags are great for all uses, and the proceeds from the sale go to support both PSI work in Sierra Leone and elsewhere around the world, and the women making the bags.

Price: $20.00

You can order this product online, or to see all the PSI products available, visit our store.
Peaceful Schools International (PSI) is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides support to schools that have declared a commitment to creating and maintaining a culture of peace.

PSI was founded in 2001 and is a respected and innovative source of support for over 300 schools in 16 countries.

PSI acts as a catalyst and clearinghouse for innovative ideas aimed at creating a school-wide culture of peace.

We welcome your contributions for future editions of Peace Signs.

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