May 2009
Issue 10
Peace Signs
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An Appeal from Logan
Me and You for Laugh Together
"That All May Read"
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Stone from spiral "Earth Art' at Champlain Elementary


PSI celebrates peaceful schools around the world.

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The 'Sam' Series
We are pleased to announce that there are now three books in the 'Sam' series. These books were written to give parents and teachers tools for helping their children and students address issues of controversy; de-escalate problems; deal with put-downs, mean jokes, demeaning comments, teasing, and verbal abuse without resorting to counter-attack or aggression; and speak up for themselves with adults in a respectful way. Each book includes a guide for adult coaches.
Please feel free to download a copy of each.
Sam and the Goodwill Sandwich
Sam Takes a Stand
Sam Speaks Up
A Quote a Day in May
Quotations can be inspiring and may even lead us to make decisions and take action. The PSI idea for this month is "A Quote a Day in May."

An Appeal from Logan
Happy HolidaysHello my name is Logan MacGillivray and I am 11 years old. I have been nominated for the Canadian Living "Me to We Award" in the youth in action category. From April 24 to May 8, people can go to Me to We and vote. Please select Logan MacGillivray from the youth in action section and Hetty van Gurp in the social action category. This is so important because whoever gets the most votes gets $5000 to go towards their cause. If I were to get the most votes, the $5000 would go towards building a children's multi-purpose centre in Sierra Leone. In this centre there will be a classroom, a music room filled with musical instruments (children are forming a peace band to help heal from the war), a library, a computer and arts room and an outdoor recreational area.
     The reason I chose to work in Sierra Leone is because it is one of the poorest countries in the world and is recovering from 11 years of civil war. I want to help lift their spirits and give them a chance for an education. This centre will serve 40 villages and mean so much to thousands of children who will come to it for education and recreation.
     To build this centre will cost $13,000. I have raised over $3000 through selling my "Listen to the Children" DVDs but if we were to get the five thousand dollars we would be more than half way through with the raising of money. For the children in these far-away villages this centre will be as amazing as Disneyland is to the children here. I hope you will vote to support it and if you want to help out with sharing between Sierra Leone you can visit my website at Listen to the Children
Thank you very much for your support.
                                From your friend Logan.

"Me and You for Laugh Together"
Weaving Together Children from Nova Scotia & Sierra
Leone through Art & Awareness

Earlier this year, the children at Champlain Elementary School in Granville Ferry, NS learned about Michael, a 14 year old boy from Sierra Leone who needed to weave baskets for seven days in order to earn enough money to buy $4 shoes so that he may attend school. 
     This act of determination sparked an equal commitment from the faculty and lead volunteers in this small Nova Scotia community to create a closer connection and awareness between the children of these two schools. To deepen this connection, the school hosted a variety of artistic and cultural exercises to support further understanding and compassion.
     Some highlights included a full-day of cultural exploration on April 21st where children learned traditional tie-dying techniques from Sierra Leone to create one-of-a-kind bandanas for themselves.Happy Holidays The children also tried their hand at weaving baskets similar to the ones that Michael made using locally available materials to provide a tangible context for the effort he made to attend school.
     For Earth Day, the children created an outdoor spiral 'earth art' piece making a circle of peace with stones on which they wrote their hopes and dreams for a peaceful, more tolerant, more loving world for themselves, for the children in Sierra Leone and for the whole world. 
("Me & You For Laugh Together" is a Krio expression common in Sierra Leone for creating a space for people to come together and share and laugh with one another.)
(Photo by Geoff Agombar, Nova News)
Call for Proposals - Peace Education Conference
The main theme of the conference this year is "Bringing Peace to Schools." At this conference we will explore how we can infuse peace education into the mainstream school system.
8th Annual Conference on peace education in Canada  
"That All May Read"
Inspirational Educational Resource by Terry Kelly
"That All May Read" was launched on April 23 by Terry
Kelly, a member of the PSI Board of Directors, keynote speaker, singer, songwriter and entertainer. This new resource is a unique, multi-media learning and awareness project that encourages a love of reading for all. The eCD/DVD educational Package contains a powerful song, video, and documentary that tells the inspiring story of people who were able to overcome their reading difficulties and improve their education, job prospects and the lives of their families. Read more and watch the trailer
Terry Kelly's website
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We welcome your contributions for future editions of Peace Signs.
Hetty van Gurp, President

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