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2009 Autumn Newsletter

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New Beginnings!
2009 SCTC Annual Meeting
Welcome Amanda!
New I-95 Signage!
New 24/7 Kiosk!
Free Brochure Space
Visitors Are Seeking Fall Packages
Working Together Makes Good Things Happen
ESTO Conference Attended
8th Annual South County Photo Contest
2010 South County Style Vacation Planner
2010 South County Bridal Show
New Beginnings!
New beginnings are bursting forth in glorious Technicolor this autumn after what must have been the sorriest, if not soggiest, summers in recent memory. 
And new beginnings it is here at South County Tourism Council as we welcome Jennifer Cantoni, Marketing Coordinator, to our team.  Jennifer is a graduate of URI Fine Arts and is gloriously graphically gifted.
2009 SCTC Annual Meeting 
Ms. Christina Pappas, CEO of Open the Door in Boston, led the South County Tourism Council's Annual Meeting which was held at the Towers in Narragansett.  Providing an Exclusive Board Member Challenge was a change of pace from our Annual Dinner Meeting. In an effort to define priorities as the South County Tourism Council moves forward into 2010 and beyond, the meeting was dedicated to engaging the Board in a conversation about the needs and priorities of the organization.  
Former RI Director of Tourism, Mr. David DePetrillo administered the oath of office to our Officers and Board of Directors: Chairman of the Board, Bill Bokon;  Vice-Chair, Pati DeWardener; Treasurer, Frank Prosnitz; Secretary, Charlie Beck; Dave Punska, Gregg Mierka, Dale Grogan, David Caprio, Denise Marcey, Barbara Cardiff, Frank Lennon, Dick Benson, Kevin Breene, Dr. Clyde Fish, Mike Lenihan, Brian Kennedy, Mathew Thole, Pam Lyons, Larry Harvey, Andy Nota, Diana Zanetto, and Marcia Grann-O'Brien. 

Annual Meeting5

Annual Meeting 2009
Welcome Amanda!
Hello, my name is Amanda Feinstein and I am a senior at the University of Rhode Island.  I am studying Public Relations and interning at the South County Tourism Council for the Fall Semester.  My experience thus far has been extremely positive.  Since it is a small business, I have developed great relationships with my co-workers, which I believe is very important. I am learning great skills that will help me to excel in my career.  I put together mailings for advertisers and non-advertisers, worked on selling advertising space to new businesses, and have an ongoing spreadsheet that helps keep all the information organized.   I feel completely comfortable working in this environment, especially with such wonderful people.  I plan to complete this internship and walk away with the experience and confidence that will help me to accomplish my goals.

New I-95 Signage!
Have you seen our newest signage?  Next time you're on I-95 South take a look at the newly erected 'SOUTH COUNTY BEACHES EXIT 9' on the left side.  We're lookin' good!

New Beaches Sign

New 24/7 Kiosk!
South County Tourism Council has established a 365/24/7 kiosk and over-sized window map at our Visitor Information Offices, because we know that kiosks never sleep.

Free Brochure Space 
Combining the Registry of Motor Vehicles offices has brought an increase of visitors to our offices at the Stedman Government Center.  Can you believe almost 700 people are processed every Wednesday and Thursday?  You are invited to take advantage of this increased 'traffic' by dropping off your brochures at our office.  We will be happy to display them on our front rack at no charge.

Visitors Are Seeking Fall Packages
Packages are perceived value and now is the time to submit. Calling all accommodations, restaurants and attractions...please send us your fall packages and specials to post on the Packages section of our website.  Please email Lillian, [email protected] the details, with expiration dates, and we will post them for you.

Working Together Makes Good Things Happen
The Big E was a big success story this year with record breaking attendance as people visited the Rhode Island Pavilion seeking information about our soothing destination.  More than 3,000 South County Style Vacation Planners and 4,000 Official South County Maps were distributed this year.  Kudos to RIEDC Tourism Division for another year of great collaboration, and also to all of our South County volunteers headed by Jennifer Cantoni.  Working together really does make good things happen!

ESTO Conference Attended
ESTO - Educational Seminars for Tourism Organization, was held this year in Lake Tahoe, Nevada and attended by SCTC president, Myrna George.  This conference is exclusively designed to provide tourism leaders from throughout the country with educational forums specifically aimed at providing the best tourism practices nationwide.  We learned a few new tools of the trade, some of which are:
  • Visitors do judge a book by its cover. 
  • Curb appeal is an investment with tremendous return. 
  • The greater the "perceived value," the more visitors will spend and the longer they will stay. 
  • Use perpendicular signage of uniform height and size - with no more than six words - no script lettering - using the general rule of lettering height" 1" for every 12' of distance. 
  • Identify what sets you apart from the competition - you must be worth the trip.

8th Annual South County Photo Contest
South County Tourism Council's 8th Annual Photo Contest winners were unveiled at the Courthouse Center for the Arts in August during a wine and cheese reception and presentation.  Cash prizes totaling over $1,000 were awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and 6 runners-up.  Ten honorable mentions were also recognized.
Special thanks to Deb Stallwood of Charlestown, photographer and Board Member of the Courthouse Center for the Arts.  Deb was challenged to judge this year's contest winners from 416 photographs submitted. 
The top three winners were Stephen Wood, Judi Wood and Sybil Hebb.  Runners-up were Michael Gocha, Linda Orlomoski, John Pitocco, Stephen Wood, and Ingrid Mathews.  Honorable Mentions were Eric Wertheimer, Judi Wood, Marc Jaffe, Michael Gocha, Alex MacLeod, Tammy Anderson, John Pitocco, Stephen Wood, and Franca Cirelli. 

photo contest winners 

2010 South County Style Vacation Planner
It's that time of year again when we begin to produce our South County Style Vacation Planner.  This year we will be launching new pages of fun things to do in South County that will replace our Points of Interest pages. 
After receiving the National Asociation of Travel Journalists Award for Editorial Excellence in the Best Travel Magazine category, along with the likes of National Geographic Traveler and Pure Canada, well....we just couldn't rest on our laurels!  And over 400 new photographs from our annual South County Photo Contest will inspire us as we build a beautiful vision of vacations for our visitors!

Reserve your ad space now.  For more infomormation about the 2010 South County Style Vacation Planner, contact Kim Charlet, marketing director, at 401.789.4422 or [email protected].
2010 South County Bridal Show 
The South County Bridal Show is in the final stages of production.  Featuring South County as an affordable wedding destination, the show will bring together some of the finest wedding vendors stretching from Westerly to East Greenwich in a small intimate bridal show setting.  If you are planning a wedding mark your calendars for Sunday, January 10 fron 11:00am to 4:00pm at The Towers in Narragansett.

Fall Bridal


Editorial Excellence:

Best Travel Magazine

South County Style
Vacation Planner

"Congratulations! South County Style is a fine magazine worthy of recognition.  I am always proud to send it out!"  -Pat Grande, Grandview Bed & Breakfast, Westerly

"Congratulations Myrna and all the staff at the South County Tourism Council for your much deserved award and recognition for all of your hard work and creativity producing the South County Vacation Planner!" -Pam and Dennis Flavin
Stone's Throw Inn, Narragansett

"Congratulations! Yes the Vacation Planner is first class" -Jack McCabe
Kingston Station, West Kingston

Did You Know?

  • Every person reading South County Style Vacation Planner, and your ad, is either planning their visit or is already here.  More than 100,000 Style Vacation Planners will be distributed to this audience.
  • 89% utilize the vacation planner to make specific plans for their visit- accommodations, dining, shopping, attractions, ect.
  • 72% of those receiving the South County Style Vacation Planner actually visited South County.
  • A digital edition of South County Style Vacation Planner will be available from the home page of for one full year, free of charge.  More than one million unique users visited this website, over the past year.  Plus, the Council will send three seasonal email blasts (spring, summer and fall) to qualified leads, with a link to the 2010 digital edition.
  • South County Style Vacation Planner is the only official South County guide distributed in select South County hotel, inns, B&B's, motels and rental cottages.
  • Comprehensive, year-round, statewide distribution.  In addition to the fulfillment copies mailed out, and those made available to local guests, South County Style Vacation Planner will be distributed year-round at more than 50 locations, including AAA offices throughout the Northeast, as well as select distribution points in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Canada.
  • The ideal editorial environment for your advertising message- cover to cover, we showcase exclusively what South County has to offer visitors.

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