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Staff Training Meeting 


Logan Regional Family History Center will be holding their monthly staff training meeting, today, Wednesday, June 8, at 9:00 a.m. at the Logan Tabernacle.  We invite any ward family history consultants or staff from other family history centers who may want to join us.  Our topic this month will be "FamilySearch.org Updated Search Feature".

Quarterly Family History Leader Training

Sponsored by Logan Utah Family History Center, will be held Wednesday June 29th at the Logan Tabernacle.
  • 6:30 PM Orientation meeting for newly called leaders
  • 7:30 PM For all leaders with family history responsibilities and all others interested in family history.
Click here for a  flier and more details.
  • Copy the above information to your Ward Newsletter/bulletin.
  • Post the linked file on your Ward/Stake bulletin board  


Loss of Parking at FHC

In the recent past, Logan city initiated a project to increase the available parking in the downtown area. This project will have a significant impact on the Center and the staff who serve here and those who come to pursue their family history. The project is scheduled to begin on or close to Monday, June 20 and will continue for several months. There will be NO parking spaces in the area east of the tabernacle. Arrangements have been made for our staff and patrons to park in the parking places immediately surrounding the Tabernacle Square. The 2-hour parking limit will be waived for our patrons during the construction period. We have not, however, been successful in negotiating any alternatives for handicapped parking places. Your patience and understanding is appreciated during this disruption.



Upcoming Conferences


  • BYU Family History and Genealogy Conference - July 26-29 2011. The theme is "Strengthening Ties that Bind Families Together Forever". For details, go to http://ce.byu.edu/cw/cwgeneal/
  •  Ogden Utah FHC Conference - Sep 17, 2011 at the Shepherd Union Building at Weber State University.
  • Logan Utah FHC Conference - Oct 15, 2011, 9 am to 5:30 pm at Bridgerland applied Technology College, 600 W 1400 N., Logan. The theme will be "With Help I can Find Them" and Ron Tanner, Product Manager for new.FamilySearch will be the keynote speaker. 
Family History Tips

Online Film Ordering

Perhaps additional clarification will help for the question about ordering films online. Any film that a patron ordered the "old" way (going into the center, filling out an order card, paying for the film loan), is still available to be ordered through the online process. All permissions and restrictions are still in place. All film numbers are the same. Only the process for making the request has changed, and for the better. No longer will the patron need to visit the family history center to place the order. Ordering can be done at home, at work, or wherever there is a computer with an Internet connection. Once the film arrives and is checked in at the center, the patron receives an e-mail indicating that the film is available for viewing.  FamilySearch values any feedback about the Online Film Ordering process at support@familysearch.org.

by: Mike Provard, FamilySearch

Help for High Council members assigned to Family History

Your support for ward Family History Consultants is vital to the success of Temple and Family History work in your stake.  If you have not done so, read the new "To Turn the Hearts - Leader's Guide to Temple and Family History Work".   You can also find it at LDS.org.  Select Menu > Serving in the Church > Temple and Family History > Resource for Leaders.



Question: Where can we find records for baptisms of early saints in England?

Answer: Check out this excellent article in the FamilySearch Wiki on LDS Membership Records that explains the different types of records and how to find them.


Question: A man in my stake posed the following question. His father was killed in WWII (1945). His mother and father had not been sealed in the temple. His mother remarried. When he was 14 years old, he went to the temple with his mother and step-father. They were sealed as husband and wife and he was sealed to his mother and step-father. His mother and step-father are both deceased now. He would like to do the sealing for his father (who died in 1945) and mother and then be sealed to them. Can a person be sealed to two sets of parents?   

Answer: He can seal his parents to each other, but as long as he is sealed to his mother, it is not necessary to repeat the child sealing. (Source: "A User's Guide to the New FamilySearch Website (June 2011) "What if I Find That a Person Was Sealed to the Wrong Spouse or Parents?" and "When Sealing Children to Parents, What Are the Policies?")



Favorite Websites

  Hugh Wallis's Genealogical Web Sites


A great menu of Genealogical web sites found at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~hughwallis/   

Submitted by Trudy Bremer


Have You Tried These Helpful Websites?

  • Have a Civil War ancestor?  https://www.familysearch.org/civil-war  FamilySearch announced last month of its release of hundreds of millions of online records. The collections include service records for both the Confederate and Union armies, pension records, and more. Some of these records have been available for some time but have been added to the web site.
  • TechTipshttps://www.familysearch.org/techtips/ -Technology is a wonderful genealogical tool. This site provides easy to understand information on how to utilize technology in your family history research. Articles range from techniques you can use to restore old photos, tips for scanning documents, ways to use mobile genealogy tools,and much more.

Source:Family History/Indexing Newsletter --SLC Area Family History Advisers, June 2011

Surname Queries

   Take advantage of this opportunity to get help from others on your tough research problems.  Send in a short query, including the names, dates and places you know and what it is you're seeking.

New Acquisitions
  • "American Ancestors, New England, New York, and Beyond", Winter 2011, Vol 12, no 1
  • "American Ancestors, New England, New York, and Beyond", Spring 2011, Vol 12, no 2
  • Film 0105156 - WALES, Carmarthen, Llandeilo Fawr - Church Records
  • Film 0432505 - ENGLAND, Lincoln, Gosberton - Church Records
  • Film 0505748 - ENGLAND, Lincoln, Surfleet - Church Records
  • Film 1388655 - ITALY, Trento, Arsio-Brez - Church Records
  • Film 1751128 - SWITZERLAND - Ticino, Golino - Church Records
  • Film 2005681-2005683 - SWITZERLAND, Bern Koppigen - Church Records
  • Film 2353690 - ENGLAND, Kent, Betteshanger - Church Records
  • Film 2354430 - ENGLAND, Kent, Eastry - Church Records
  • Film 2354510 - ENGLAND, Kent, Ham - Church Records
  • Film 2354573 - ENGLAND, Kent, Northbourne - Church Records
Suggestion for Weekly Bulletin Thought


It is our attitude that reveals whether we are engaged because we "have to," because we "want to," or best of all because we "love to." 

(Consider Elder Dallin H. Oaks's October 2007 General Conference address, "Good, Better, Best")

If we don't consider this sacred work, we can't count it as consecrated time.  Both our spiritual growth and quality of life are eminently affected by the consecrated time we claim.

Source: http://www.ldsmag.com/turninghearts/100618consecrated.html#_ftn3



Joseph Smith's Great, Great Granddaughter: 

From Animosity to Conversion

By Kimberly Jo Smith

A great, great granddaughter of Joseph and Emma Smith takes us on her journey from animosity and fear of the Church to conversion through learning about her ancestors.  

"I would like to share with you my journey to find my great-great grandparents Joseph and Emma Smith. When I was young my mother taught me about Heavenly Father, the Savior, and the Holy Ghost. This foundation was integral throughout my childhood as I encountered many trials and traumas which could have taken me down dark and lowly paths were it not for this knowledge she gave me. It also prepared me for the introduction to my great-great grandparents Joseph and Emma Smith, two individuals I was not aware of until age twelve..."

Read the whole article.


Upcoming Classes
Wed, Jun 08Cloud ComputingWinkler, David110 AM
Thu, Jun 09Recording an Oral HistoryRay, Byron17 PM
Mon, Jun 27Immigration ResearchMcCabe, Anne110 AM
Tue, Jun 28Learning Ancestral QuestGerber, Robert110 AM
Thu, Jun 30Write Your Life History in 1 Hour!Ray, Byron17 PM
Thu, Jul 07New FamilySearchRichards, Rodrick37 PM
Mon, Jul 11FamilySearch Wiki GoldmineLemon, Sheri Lynn210 AM
Tue, Jul 12Ancestral Quest\'s Sync with new FamilySearchGerber, Robert210 AM
Tue, Jul 12Facebook for Family History ResearchCulbertson, Linda27 PM
Wed, Jul 13Descendancy ResearchWinkler, David110 AM
Tue, Jul 26How to Write your Personal HistoryClark, John17 PM
Thu, Jul 28Syncing with new FamilySearch - All ProgramsRichards, Rodrick17 PM
Mon, Aug 01Using a Digital Camera In Family History WorkCurry, Robert110 AM
Thu, Aug 0416-17th Century History of England for GenealogistsNield, Maureen110 AM
Thu, Aug 04Preparing an Acceptable Record & Submitting ItThornley, Ray27 PM
Mon, Aug 08Recording Source CitationsCurry, Robert110 AM
Tue, Aug 09New FamilySearchMiller, Lynn37 PM
Wed, Aug 10Organizing Your Family History Work - Comp&PaperCurry, Yvonne17 PM
Thu, Aug 1118-19th Century History of England for GenealogistsNield, Maureen110 AM
Thu, Aug 1820th Century History of England for GenealogistsNield, Maureen110 AM
Thu, Aug 18Let's Learn About BloggingRay, Byron17 PM
Thu, Aug 25Family History Research - Getting StartedCurry, Robert17 PM




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