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July 22-25, 2010
Comic Con International:
San Diego

San Diego, CA
Booth #2800

October 8-10, 2010
New York Comic-Con
New York, NY
Booth #TBD

November 12-14, 2010
Austin Comic-Con
Austin, TX
Booth #TBD
Conan the Conqueror Faux Bronze Statue
Conan the Conqueror Faux Bronze Statue:
Now Available!

OF 300

In 2009, The CS Moore Studio released the monumental Conan the Conqueror Statue, which became an instant classic and the centerpiece of many collections. Now this awe-inspiring, 1/7 scale statue is presented in a striking faux bronze finish, in an edition strictly limited to 300 numbered pieces. The statue depicts a mounted Conan from the stunning painting by legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta for the cover of Conan the Conqueror.

Moore's Conan the Barbarian Statue commands high prices in the secondary market, so don't miss this incredible, investment quality sculpture!

Dawn 20th Anniversary Statue: Available for Preorder!

Joseph Michael Linsner's exquisite goddess creation marks her 20th Anniversary with this captivating statue sculpted by Clayburn Moore for The CS Moore Studio. The 1/6 scale statue stands approximately 15" tall and features Dawn in a seductive new costume designed by Linsner and Moore specifically for this sculpture. Both artists are known for creating women with an intoxicating combination of strength and sensuality that leaves fans wanting more, and their talents come together beautifully in this magnificent 20th Anniversary Statue. Scheduled to ship August 2010.

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May 2010 Update

Welcome to The CS Moore Studio update, where we give you the latest news and information about the finest collectible statues, busts, and more from Sculptor Clayburn Moore and The CS Moore Studio Ltd!
Alice StatueThe Calie Statue
Is Now Sold Out!

Next is the
Alice Statue:

Preorder at 11:00 CST on Wednesday, May 26!

Drop-dead gorgeous Alice Liddle from Return to Wonderland is captured to perfection in this breathtaking 1/6 scale sculpture by Clayburn Moore and The CS Moore Studio. The 13-1/2" tall, limited-edition statue depicts a startled Alice looking back in surprise to find the smiling caterpillar behind her, hookah in hand. Inspired by a limited-edition print by fan-favorite artist Billy Tucci for industry leading retailer Fantastic Realm, the piece is a saucy follow-up to 2009's sold-out Calie Wonderland Statue. Don't let Alice slip away through the looking glass; reserve yours today!

Dark Ivory Special Red Dress Variant
Up for Auction Next Week!

When we released Linsner and Hopkins's vampiress Dark Ivory as a statue in November, we imagined what the piece would look like with a blood red gown. So we did a test with one Dark Ivory Statue, and the result was stunning. Watch our eBay profile -- csmoorestudio -- next week for an auction of this very special red dress version of the piece. We will be gathering feedback and may decide to do an extremely limited edition of Dark Ivory in this gorgeous red dress. Full details will be found on the eBay auction listing, so stay tuned!
  Dark Ivory red dress
Aphrodite IX Faux Bronze StatueSHIPPING THE WEEK OF JUNE 7!

> Aphrodite IX
Bronze Statue - limited edition of 250 - available for preorder. We will begin sending invoices the first week of June to customers who preordered this statue, so please add service@csmoorestudio.com to your address book so this email invoice makes it to your inbox. Reminder: We do not automatically charge your credit card when the statue is in stock, so please read the invoice email for payment instructions.
> Fathom Faux Bronze Statue Replacements - if you are waiting for a replacement, we will contact you the first week of June to arrange getting your replacement statue to you.

On the Horizon
We've got an exciting lineup of statues & busts coming your way: heroic and beautiful women, legendary men, and more! All are available for preorder now unless otherwise noted. Get yours today!

For our complete lineup of upcoming projects, visit On the Horizon on our website!

> Dawn 20th Anniversary Statue - now available for preorder

> Alice Statue - Preorder at 11am CST on Wednesday, May 26

That wraps up this month's update. Stay up-to-date with the latest
CS Moore Studio news all month long on our website, www.csmoorestudio.com. Thanks for your support!
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