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 Rand McNally TripMaker RV GPS Review 

We got a chance to put this GPS to the test on our trip to Florida and put together an initial product review.


By late winter I get RV'ing fever (real bad) and I decide at the last minute to head to Florida for the cure.  We usually break the 1 week long trip (way to
short) into a few days stay at Tropical Palms in Kissimee and a few days in Englewood were my folks live.  This year while in Kissimee we toured Full Sail College which is well known for graduating the top film & audio technicians in the business and a school our son has dreamed of attending. From as early as I can remember he showed signs of incredible talent in all types of art and more recently in film and production.  He spends endless hours of time at the computer producing school projects, online commercials for local companies and now an online cooking show. (Here is some speed drawing he recently did) After our tour of Full Sail if he could have he would have liked to start immediately, but you have to be a high school graduate, so he will have to wait a year.

It always seems so surreal to me going from winter to summer in a matter of the 2 day drive.  On my morning bike rides through the community of
 Celebration the smell of blooming plants and flowers along with the sound of birds and spring peepers makes you feel so alive. Towards the end of our stay we take our traditional ride on my parents boat on the intercostal Gulf waters and for me that is pretty close to what I imagine heaven to be like.

It would appear this year the warm weather from the south has tagged along on our trip home and we are enjoying 60 & 70 degree weather this week on into the next.  Just maybe spring has truly arrived early!
New Product
Hayes G2 Brake Boss Brake Controller

The Hayes G2 Brake Boss trailer brake controller features a market exclusive audible signal alert for connection continuity making for safer braking.The easy-to-find, easy-to-use manual emergency braking control lets you apply full power in emergency stopping situations. The G2 Brake Boss utilizes three-axis technology to measure the rate of deceleration created by braking of the tow vehicle in three different directions - front to rear, left to right and up & down. This allows for proportional control, delivering pre-set power to the trailer brakes depending upon your individual axle, load or braking requirements. The Brake Boss is self leveling and all of the settings are done using the easy touch buttons to the right of the display.  Kit comes complete with the all new Hayes Quik Receiver Sleeve, which incorporates a VHB adhesive that mounts directly and securely to the tow vehicle dash requiring no hardware, screws (or screw holes in the dash).
Retail Price: $179.00 
Your Price: $149.95  
You save $29.05!
In-booth Presentation by Hayes Brake Controller Co.
In-Booth H2 Presentation

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