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About 85% of all slide-out's are manufactured by Lippert and we carry in stock replacement motors, actuators, gears, pumps & accessories for your Lippert slide-out.

Exterior RV Cleaners

With winter coming to an end it wont be long before your RV will need some spring cleaning. Whether it's a long handled washing brush or a good wax your looking for we've got you covered!


Being a child of the 70's I played outside pretty much everyday. Not having computers, video games, cell phones and very few TV channels to watch, the outdoors was where the fun was at.  I also had a father who said cartoons
A walking bridge over the Chagrin River.
ruined the TV so my brother and I were always the first kids outside.  So sitting behind a computer everyday is pretty much torture especially as the weather gets nicer.  I am sure that is also the reason why I love camping so much.

As many of you know through my photos on Facebook I do alot of bike riding which I find is slow enough to see some really amazing sights but fast enough that I can cover 7 to 10 miles in an hours time.  It has also been a great way to recharge for the remainder of the work day.  Since RVupgrades is located in the city I try to keep to the side walks and back streets and whined my way to either the Lake Erie shoreline, (a few miles north) or hit one of the few small parks surrounding the area.  It has always amazed me how much wildlife is around this area, deer in the back yards of postage stamp lots and hawks & eagles cruising the skies.  

Getting outside for even that short one hour period has been just enough to keep me sane between RV/camping trips.

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BAL Lock Arm Stabilizing Bars 

The BAL Products Lock Arm Stabilizing Bars add support from the frame of the trailer to the base of the stabilizer jacks or landing gear.  By having this support between these two solid points the increased stability eliminates most trailer movement.  The Lock-Arm Stabilizers mount to most leveling jacks with a unique swivel mount which works at various angles.  Uses 3/4" crank handle (not included) to lock and unlock Lock-Arm. Simple one-time, bolt-on application.  Telescoping tubes travel up and down with jack and never have to be removed.  
Retail Price: $116.19 
Your Price:$79.99 
You save $36.20!
BAL Lock-Arm Eliminates Trailer Movement
BAL Lock-Arm Eliminates Trailer Movement

Product Review
A few weeks ago we featured the TripMaker RV GPS in this newsletter and recently I had a chance to take a closer look at the unit.  I've needed to update my GPS in the RV for over a year ever since I tried out a Tom Tom which was a gift we got our son a year prior to him getting his license.  Michelle (my wife) said it was a "today's special value" from QVC and she couldn't pass it up.  After a few trips with it I could definitely have passed it up!  It's may be a helpful gps for someone in a car, but that thing put us on the craziest roads when we traveled in the RV.  But I stuck with it all last year in hopes of something great coming out in the GPS world.  Well my prayers were answered!  Rand Mcnally released the Tripmaker GPS specifically designed for RV'ers and recently super sized it to a 7" screen... continue reading   


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Have a great weekend. And if you're camping I am green with envy!


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