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The Mr Beams Stick Anywhere LED Motion Controlled Night Light we tested in a home bathroom worked for 1 yr & 8 months before the 4 AA batteries needed to be replaced!


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Its time to get out of Dodge! 

Every year around this time I reach my limit as far as how long it's been since we last went RV'ing.  I love to travel, I love seeing what's around the next bend and I love the relaxed atmosphere of a campground.  

So in a few weeks we will be heading south to warmer temperatures and the chance to feel like an RV'er again, even if it is just for a week. I am hoping that this will be just enough of a fix to get me to mid April and our first weekend trip. To be truthful it has generally made the final months wait worse, but I'm still going.  Maybe I need some sort of RV'ers rehab.  

This short outing does have an added benefit of refreshing my memory on some of those little issues we had with the RV at the end of last season that I never did get to and testing some of the updates I recently completed.  

I can't wait!
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Surge Guard Portable Surge Protector With LCD Display 

New for the Portable Surge Protector in 2012 is the addition of an LCD display. In the past Surge Guard used indicator lights to let you know if there were power issues, leaving a user to guess what the actually voltage was and how much current your RV was using.   The new LCD display shows a count down in seconds until it allows power to the coach at the time the unit is initially plugged in at the campground.  Once it find there are no issues and allows power to enter the RV it will toggle automatically between the voltage/current and whether or not power is on or off to the RV.  During high/low voltage conditions the display will show which leg(s) have this condition and if polarity is an issue the display reads "Reverse Polarity".  This update to the Portable Surge Guard units makes diagnosing your electrical issues a whole lot easier. 
Your Price: $272.01 - 30 Amp Unit
    $368.17 - 50 Amp Unit
I guess when Travel Chair came up with the name of their newest camping chair the Big Kuhuna they weren't kidding! Travel Chair super sized this chair in every way and then gave it a 700 lb. capacity to top it off! The Big Kahuna is not only wider, higher and longer, it is also reinforced throughout with oversized tubing and larger grommets.  So if your tired of those tiny folding chairs and need some room to relax, check out the Big Kahuna.  Dimensions (open) 24"x 39"x 36", Dimensions (closed) 39" x 5" x 5" Seat height: 19.5", Weight: 10.75 lbs, Capacity: 700 lbs. Color: Brown / Green.
Retail Price: $79.00 
Your Price: $69.99 
You save $9.01!

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