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Whether your looking to go green or just save battery power, we have all types of LED replacement bulbs to fit your applications. 
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This week we feature the TireMinder tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for your RV.   With all new cars, SUV's & trucks being equipped from the factory with TPMS it only makes sense to have them on your RV.  Whether your towing a trailer or a vehicle behind a motorhome if a tire goes down back there and you do not catch it quickly that shredding tire is going to do serious damage.   

A few years ago we couldn't have been 15 minutes into a weekend trip and a motorist caught my attention to let me know our toad had a tire down.  I immediately looked into the backup monitor and barely could see some rubber flying.  I had always thought I would either feel something going on back there or clearly see it in the monitor, but there was no warning at all.  We got very lucky because just a few seconds more and that tire would have shredded the rear quarter panel of the vehicle.  

But with GPS, backup monitors, DVD screens and cell phones possibly hogging up the dash where would you mount another monitor?  Thankfully over the past few years the size of these units has decreased dramatically. To see all of the Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems we offer and there different features click here.  
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TireMinder Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The TireMinder System starts with 4 tire sensors and you can add up to 22 total sensors to your system. (I would love to see that RV!)  The unique features of the TireMinder system include an incredibly small monitor at just   2" wide by 3-1/4" tall along with the functional windshield mount that is included.  This system also has the ability to monitor not only tire pressures but also tire temperatures.  This will be very helpful to recognize a wheel bearing issue or perhaps a hung brake caliper before a blow out occurs. TireMinder is one of the only systems you can change the tire transmitter batteries yourself without having to send it back to the manufacturer or purchase new units when the batteries fail.  Another great feature is the ability to charge the monitor with a 9 hour runtime and free up an accessory power port for other devices while traveling. With all of these great features it's no wonder why this system has quickly become a favorite amongst RV'ers.   The system includes the monitor, a heavy duty/multi-angle mounting bracket, 4 screw on pressure/temperature transmitters (TMT400C), 12 v car charger, 4 extra lithium batteries, 4 anti-theft locks with screwdriver.
Retail Price: $319.00 
Your Price$269.95 
You save $49.05!
Tire Minder, Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS presented by RV Education 101®
Tire Minder, Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TireMinder Accessories
The TireMinder Brass Wireless Transmitters are designed for most all applications where an existing OEM pressure monitoring system is not 
already installed.  Use these on all RV tires including motorhomes with valve extensions.  If your vehicle (car, SUV or light truck) was manufactured after 2007, and has built in TPMS and aluminum valve stems, you will need to use the aluminum transmitters (p/n 92-0404). Includes 2 transmitters & 2 lithium batteries. 
Retail Price: $80.79 
Your Price$73.95 
You save $6.84!

The TireMinder Aluminum Wireless Transmitters are designed for vehicles with OEM installed TPMS system and aluminum valve stems.   If your vehicle (car, SUV or light truck) was manufactured after 2007, and has built in TPMS and aluminum valve stems, you will need to use the aluminum transmitters. These are not designed for RV's or vehicles that have brass, nickel plated brass or stainless steel valves stems (see p/n 92-0401). Includes 2 transmitters & 2 lithium batteries..

Retail Price: $74.59 
Your Price$70.59 
You save $4.00!
With the TireMinder Hard-Wired Signal Booster you can reduce signal loss due to electronic interference, low temperatures and/or distance from the receiver.  The signal booster is recommended if the distance between the farthest transmitter & the monitor is greater than 40 ft.  There are no batteries to change or remove. Prevents loss of signal from most distant tires due to electronic interference, low temperatures and/or distance from the receiver. 12 volt DC.

Retail Price: $65.79 
Your Price$57.98 
You save $7.81!
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