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Onan recommends running gasoline generators at a minimum of 50 percent capacity for two hours at least once every four weeks. A long two-hour exercise period is preferable to several short periods.

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I am sure you've heard by now that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow (and how couldn't he with all of those TV camera lights) and we now have
 another 6 weeks of winter!  We might just be in luck though, last year he did not see his shadow which means an early spring and winter never seemed to end.  Maybe he's got it backwards.  Although they never do tell you what an early spring means, is winter over tomorrow or in 5 1/2 weeks?  I guess what this all really means is that if we look to a ground hog for a weather prediction than we all are very desperate for spring to get here. 
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 RVIbrake Auxiliary Braking System

I have had the opportunity to use many different braking systems over the past 10 years and there have been some real advancements recently.  The latest  comes from Danko with their RVI Portable Braking System. Traditionally if you 
were towing a vehicle more than a few times per year, lugging a big portable brake in and out of the car and finding a place to store it got really old quickly.  Not an issue with the RVI Brake, this thing only weights 8 lbs and is 5" tall.  Some of the other great features; super easy setup with one push of a button, can be used with traditional vacuum and the newer active brakes found in ECO vehicles, this unit uses the seat pan to push against versus the drivers seat on, a wireless monitor, included brake away system and much more.  In encourage you to watch the video below to see just how well thought out and easy to use this braking system is     


Retail Price: $1,250.00 
Your Price$995.00 
You save $255.00!
RVi Brake from Danko Manufacturing
RVi Brake from Danko Manufacturing
Featured Product
Save A Battery 12 Volt / 4 Amp Battery Charger, Maintainer, Conditioner, Tester 
How about an all-in-one battery charger that not only charges batteries quickly, but it also maintains, cycles, rejuvenates, conditions, tests, monitors and alerts you when there are problems.  It can even check an entire vehicle's electrical wiring for issues.  Save A Battery combines the best micro processor controlled charger and maintainer with the added diagnostic capabilities of an on board electrical tester.  This device allows you to test the battery, charging circuits, and any electical device without having to remove the battery.   It eliminates all the guess work.  Includes: 10' AC Power Cable, 6' Battery Terminal Cable, 6' Clip-On Cable, 6' Cigarette Lighter Cable and Mounting Bracket.
Retail Price: $99.95 
Your Price: $89.99  
You save $9.96!
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