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Well, the summer RV vacation has been planned, the campgrounds are booked and I am ready to go!  Last week I mentioned that we will be in New York State and we will be going with 2 other RV'ing families.  It's always nice to travel with friends specially with temperamental RV's. Each year there seems to be some sort of mechanical mayhem going on and the more heads working on the solution the better.  Last year it was our generator that gave us fits and that trip was in 100+ degree heat, one year we had the entire converter/inverter go out and yet another we had bats find a new home in our slide-outs.  It turns out that those memories are usually the highlights of the trip as years pass by, although I wouldn't be to disappointed if this year the memories come from the sites we see and not from the RV we are traveling in.
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Last year on our way to a campground the check engine light came on in our Class C motorhome.  Everything seemed to be working properly so I did not stress out to much over it, but it still bugged me and I wondered what the issue was.   Lucky for me one of the guys we where camping with had a ScanGaugeII in his Ford F150 truck and he unplugged it and we attached it to the ODB connector in my RV.  It quickly gave us a code which turned out to be fuel evaporator issues (pretty minor) and with the gauge we reset the computer and the check engine light did not come back on nor has it since.  Just this one instance alone paid for unit in the aggravation of getting the RV to the dealership, the fuel, time and possibly service charges.  One of these will be in the RV this season.   This is also great for monitoring the transmission temperature when towing your trailer and the 17 other gauges you can keep an eye on with this device.  Looking to save money in fuel this year?  The ScanGauge can keep a running total of the fuel and cost as you feather that throttle on your way to the campground. 
Works with most vehicles 1996 or newer 

Our Price:
List Price: $169.95
Voyager Digital Wireless Backup Monitor System 
A few months back there was a discussion on our facebook page about wireless backup monitors.  The unit we where featuring only had a 30' range and due to the technology was prone to interference by everything from cell phones to electric motors.  Well Voyager has solve that issue with their new digital observation system featuring WiSight technology.  With WiSight the monitor and camera "pair up" their signals not allowing interference to fade the view behind you.  Voyager also took this system to the next level with a 60' + signal range allow this to be used with any trailer or motorhome setup.  The camera can be powered by any 12 volt source such as a taillight or running light and the monitor plugs right into your accessory power source.  Although a sizable investment, this is truly one of those safety and piece of mind items that you can transfer from RV to RV.
Our Price: $ 723.95
List Price: $849.00
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The Large GB Cable Wraptor allows you to organize, carry and store anything from cords, hoses, rope, chains, hardware and more! A simple design with endless solutions - Limited only by the user's imagination. Organize a cluttered, tight space, or carry it with you with the convenient T-style carrying handle. Other features include: Large hang-hole, easy release trigger, large teeth design and stainless steel hinge. Dimensions: 2.75" x 3.75" x 5.75" Includes 2 per pack.

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