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We carry a replacement to the much loved Travasak bedding.  Superbag is available in King, Queen & Single Sizes.


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Happy New Year!  Well almost.  And what a great year it was, my family and I had some amazing RV trips together many just a few hours from our home.  We made huge improvements in RVupgrades, striving to deliver 100% satisfaction on every customer order. And I look forward to continuing this trend in 2012. Borrowing a line from a CEO I look up to "We are a service company that just so happens to sell RV Accessories". This is and idea and a mission I have always expressed to my employees and something we are working harder than ever to achieve. So Happy New Year to all of you and here is to a very prosperous 2012! 
Top 10 Accessories for 2011
This top 10 list represents many of the new accessories to hit the RV market in 2011 and the products customers had the most positive feedback on.
  1. Mr. Beams LED Motion Lighting - This product hands down out performed everyone expectations.  For a battery operated product with all of the features and low price, it deserve the #1 position for best product.
  2. BatteryMINDer OnBoard Battery Restorer - Although late on the scene for 2011 this device was the missing piece to many RV'ers battery charging system and climbed quickly up the list.
  3. Fastway Zip Break Away Cable & Switch - Whether you where just plain tired of having your breakaway cable yank out the plug on your switch on a hard corner or you needed a replacement, Fastway got it right with this product. And customers raved!
  4. Flow-Pur RV Pro 10,000 Portable Water Softener - This system dominated the RV softener market this year with it's ease of use, lower profile and great price.  With water quality an issue at many parks, this made rust & hard water a thing of the past.
  5. JACK Digital HDTV Antenna -  What is better than having to remember to crank down your TV antenna!  Or worse the whole campground chasing you down as you leave your campsite with your antenna standing at attention.   That is not the only benefit of this great product, better signal, more free channels and easy installation. 
  6. Barker Vent Stik And Knob Kit - High ceilings in your RV seemed like a great thing when you toured RV's at the dealership, but then reality set in.  How am I going to open the vent?  Barker came through with this simple solution and customer love it!
  7. Girard Tankless RV Water Heater - Endless hot water - enough said!  For many of you full-timers, this is exactly what the RV doctor ordered.  No more quick showers for you, you got into RV'ing to relax and showering should be the same.
  8. Inteli-Power 4600 Replacement Converter/Charger - RV'ers must have been tired of their converter/charger boiling the coach batteries because this item was a big hit.  A direct replacement for one place panels made this product a must have.
  9. InstaHanger - This hanger was made for RV'ers, it folds flat when not in use and easily installs just where you need it.
  10. Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent - There where alot of items that could have made this final spot, but the fact that this is a safe to use indoor product that actually works. There was no contest. Toss a few of these in the RV during storage and keep the mice from destroying your investment.
Happy New Year Everyone!



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