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Last week I talked about a sound deadening product I had just installed in my RV and afterwards I recieved alot of feedback from RV'ers with
Rattle Trap
similar issues.  The product is called Rattle Trap and it is manufactured by FatMat who happens to be located 10 minutes away from our warehouse here in Eastlake, Oh. You can view a short review I did on insulating my RV's floor --> Rattle Trap Review

This product traditionally is used by car stereo enthusiasts who run massive systems that literally rattle the vehicle to pieces. I actually got next to a guy in a Jeep Cherokee a few weeks ago that had so much bass vibrating out of it that it started to make me physically sick and I ended up pulling into a mall parking lot to get away from the guy. I have no clue how he could even have hearing left.

Anyway, I have a feeling this product will find a home in the RV world since the roads and not stereos try to rattle our RV's apart.  Probably more so in motorhomes vs trailers since we get to hear all of those squeaks and rattles as we drive down the road.  Some other areas in the RV that could use this product is the entry door, behind a microwave, (they always seem to have a loose piece of metal back there) generator bays, maybe some sort of water pump silencer.  If you have some ideas this product might be useful, please post them under the Rattle Trap post on our facebook page --> RVupgrades Facebook

New Products
Plug Dog
50 Amp
Plug Dog
30 Amp

Now you can easily and safely disconnect RV Power Cables from electrical outlets or each other with the Coil nWrap Plug Dog.  With the Plug Dog in place you can easily make disconnections while keeping your fingers away from high voltage prongs! No wiggling back & forth when removing the cable which can damage it or the receptacle. Acts as a convenient handle for the bulky power plug on an RV, boat or large appliance. Fits the male and female ends of RV Power Cords, Dog Bones, Electrical Adapters & Surge Devices. 
Your Price: $9.19 ea


View Plug Dogs

Correct Track II Trailer Axle Alignment System
Correct Track II

The Correct Track II Triple Axle Trailer Alignment system is a bolt-on installation, no cutting or welding, raises coach two inches to match taller tow vehicle heights. Properly aligned axles improve safety by reducing risk of dangerous blowouts, improve fuel mileage, reduces tire wear and corrects damage caused by road hazards. Available in Single, Double & Triple Axle Versions. 

Prices Range From : $148.88 to $298.88



Talking about Correct Track by the Mobile Outfitters
Talking about Correct Track Trailer Alignment
Deal of the Day
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Maxxair II Silver

With the Maxxair II Silver Vent Cover you can enjoy twice as much vent area as your original vent cover! Exclusive side louvers give you the most cross ventilation of any vent cover on the market! Solid one-piece, sleek aerodynamic design. Includes hinged hardware for easy opening and cleaning - no tools required. Mounts to the same holes as the standard MaxxAir vent cover. 6 year warranty.

Deal of the Day Price: $19.95
You save $31.94! 
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