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Dear Colleagues:


When I make presentations to our dental societies and alumni, I always let people know just how big our education programs are. I tell them we have about 105 in each dental class for a total of 420. For our dental hygiene program, I let them know that because of restructuring last year, we now have just two classes with about 30 in each. And I end by counting the number of residents and students in our advanced education and graduate programs -- nearly 95 in all.

Because I've been with our dental and dental hygiene classes at a number of all-school functions over the past several months, I have a visual image of how big these classes really are. But it wasn't until a week ago that I saw our advanced education and graduate students en masse at their  welcome reception. The event included those who were just starting their training, as well as those in their second, third, and even fourth years in our college. With their program directors, these graduate students filled the Grande Lounge at the Faculty Club.

As part of this impressive event, graduate program directors introduced their new trainees, giving the names and educational backgrounds of each. Although I was initially impressed by the sheer number of people being introduced, my feelings quickly shifted when I heard what our program directors were saying.

What I heard were stories about graduates from dental schools all over the country, and even a few from outside the U.S., who believe the best place to get their advanced education is The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. Some come to us right out of dental school. Others have practiced a few years and now want to get their specialty certificate. In either case, these students are here to learn more and to get better at what they always dreamed they could be.  
At this event that so impressed me, I had a chance to welcome these newcomers and to let them know how much we value our advanced education and graduate programs. I thanked them for choosing our college for this phase of their dental education, and I welcomed them to what I know will be a great educational experience.  

I have a lasting visual image now of the size of all our student groups, and I can't wait for the next opportunity to describe them and their talents, their dedication, and their excellence to our alumni, colleagues, and friends.
College News
2012 Summer Commencement Grads Join Largest Group Ever

Ohio State's spring 2012 graduation ceremony included the largest number of graduates in the university's history, with10,642 degrees and certificates conferred that day.

College of Dentistry graduates added to the record-setting number of degree recipients with 40 dental hygiene graduates that included 34 traditional grads and six baccalaureate degree completion program students. DDS graduates numbered 101, with one DDS-PhD graduate.


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College Welcomes New Graduate Students and Residents

 Each year in June, the College of Dentistry welcomes newly arrived, first-year graduate students and residents with an annual reception attended by faculty, staff members, and senior graduate students.

This year's reception was held June 20th in the Grand Lounge of the Faculty Club, where students were officially welcomed by Associate Dean of Academic Affairs John Kalmar, Dean Patrick Lloyd, and faculty and staff representatives from the college's divisions and clinics.


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College Hosts Annual Community Dentistry Day 

On June 30th, the College of Dentistry's Office of Community Education hosted its annual Community Dentistry Day that provides a forum in which the college's community health care partners meet with dentistry students who will work in community health care clinics, hospitals, and dental practices throughout Ohio as part of their educational curriculum. The event also introduces 4th-year dental students to an array of career options that are available in public health dentistry.


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H.O.M.E. Coach Partners with Local Dentist to Help Those In Need

The College of Dentistry's mobile dental clinic, called the H.O.M.E. Coach, partnered with local dentist and OSU alumnus Dr. Brian Kvitko to host "Dentistry from the Heart," an event offering free dental services to those in need in the Columbus community. 


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Pelotonia Hosts Movie Night in The Shoe: July 19

Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer.  To help raise funds for this year's event, Pelotonia 2012 is showing a movie, How to Train Your Dragon, Thursday, July 19 at the Ohio Stadium (The Shoe). Gates open at 7:30 p.m. and the movie begins at 8:45 p.m.  



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Save the Date! Alumni Tailgate and Reunion Weekend: October 5-7


The College of Dentistry's alumni reunions and tailgate are coming October 5-7, and we hope you'll join us for this scarlet-and-gray-packed weekend!

We welcome you back to campus while we root for the home team as Ohio State's Buckeyes take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers!


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Dentistry Traffic Hub: Get Updates on the 12th Avenue Parking Garage Closure: July 8, 2012 -Early 2013

The 12th Avenue parking garage on The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center campus will close for maintenance and repairs from July 8 - early 2013. 


To better serve the College of Dentistry's students, staff and faculty, and patients and visitors, we've added a new feature to our home page. Visit the Dentistry Traffic Hub for the latest campuswide parking and traffic updates! 


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