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Issue 9         

April 2012  



We've just wrapped up the IIT IFSH Mid-Year Meeting and the member turnout was terrific. In addition to some great technical reports, attendees had the opportunity to engage IFSH scientists and staff in planning for future work streams. Thank you to all who participated in assisting our research teams in identifying and developing pathways for future food safety, food defense and nutrition collaborative studies.

In addition, I'd like to thank our organizing partners at University of Wisconsin-Madison's Food Research Institute (UW FRI), especially Director Chuck Czuprynski, for working with IIT IFSH to host our first Joint Symposium on Mycotoxins on April 12. More than 100 attendees participated in this well-received educational seminar featuring several experts who are leaders in the field. I'd also like to thank our sponsors PepsiCo, Agilent Technologies, Cargill, PerkinElmer, R-Biopharm, Bimbo Bakeries USA, Alltech, Kraft Foods, and ThermoFisher Scientific for their support of this important meeting. 


Best regards,


Robert E. Brackett, PhD

IIT Vice President and IFSH Director 




Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance Now Online                  

The Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliafspca bannernce (FSPCA) is pleased to announce the launch of its online presence at

The Alliance web pages, hosted by Illinois Institute of Technology's Institute for Food Safety and Health (IIT IFSH), feature a range of hazard analysis and preventive controls resources and educational materials, committee rosters, progress reports, government and industry links, and more.

The mission of this public-private alliance is to support safe food production for the U.S. market by developing a core curriculum and corresponding technical educational materials about food safety risk-reduction preventive controls that comply with the preventive controls regulations required by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

FSPCA is open to members from stakeholder organizations representing food industry associations, regulatory bodies, and academia and extension services.
Explore the FSPCA web pages today to find out how you can join this important collaborative process!

Take Part in an FSPCA Working Group  

 references online

The Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance invites subject matter and content expert volunteers from the food industry, trade associations, regulatory agencies and academia to collaborate and participate in the creation of a national preventive controls training program.  


Five FSPCA Working Groups (WGs) are currently in the process of formation, and additional WGs will be formed as identified by the FSPCA Steering Committee. The current working groups are:  

  • Hazard Identification and Preventive Controls Core Curriculum Development
  • Food Categories and Representative Processing
  • Allergen Management and Control
  • Sanitation, Current Good Manufacturing Practices and Environmental Monitoring
  • Supply Chain and Ingredient Management
FSPCA Working Group members will have knowledge and experience in developing and delivering food safety training to food and animal food industry clientele.

If you are interested in applying to one or more WGs, please visit the Working Groups page online for more information, or download, complete and return the easy-to-use FSPCA Working Group Participation Form (.pdf) today.



2011 Annual Review of Collaborative
Research Now Available to IIT IFSH Members      


IIT IFSH members can now download a digital copy of the 2011 annual2011 ARR Cover collaborative research report from the Member area of the institute's website. The most current edition (2011), as well as an archive of available ARR reports from 1999-2010, are posted for download in PDF format. 


The Annual Review of Research (ARR) contains confidential reports detailing the collaborative research conducted at the Illinois Institute of Technology's Institute for Food Safety and Health (IIT IFSH) during each fiscal year, October-September. This document, available exclusively to IIT IFSH members, FDA and other stakeholder partners and personnel, includes project updates and results for IIT IFSH's National Center for Food Safety and Technology research completed or underway in five IFSH Science Focus Areas: Proficiency Testing, Nutrition, Food Chemistry, Microbiology, and Processing and Packaging.   


If you have forgotten your IFSH Member User ID and/or password to the Member area of the website, please contact LaShondra Stephens, Senior Administrative Assistant, via email at  for assistance.



Press & Publications      

  Scientific American cover

IIT IFSH member Earthbound Farms' Will Daniels and Director Robert Brackett share information in a March 2012 Scientific American article, "Can High-Power Ultrasound Protect Produce from Pathogens?" about how high-power ultrasound could help improve the washes employed to clean leafy greens based on pilot studies conducted in the institute's BSL-3 facility.

  Fresh-cut Magazine

Check out the commentary in "Solving Sprout Outbreaks," from Ton-Jen Fu, Ph.D., FDA/CFSAN IFSH research chemical engineer, IIT IFSH Director Robert Brackett and IFSH member Bob Sanderson in the April 2012 edition of Fresh-cut Magazine.


Register by May 30 for IIT IFSH Summer Semester 2012


IIT's Summer 2012 semester begins June 4, 2012 and ends July 28, 2012. The following IFSH Graduate Program courses will be held at IIT's Main Campus. Registration for these courses closes May 30. Please visit our website for full course descriptions, links and registration details.


FST/FPE 504-Food Biotechnology 

Instructor: Wei Zhang, PhD 
Monday and Wednesday, 5:00 to 7:30 pm

FST/FPE 522-Advanced Food Process Engineering 

Instructor: Kathiravan Krishnamurthy, PhD

Tuesday and Thursday, 5:00 to 7:30 pm


FST/FPE 597701-Short Course

Instructor: Richard Schell, JD 

June 5-7, 2012, 8:00 am to 5pm

Download the 2012-13 Food Processing Specialist Certificate Program Course Schedule


An August 2012-April 2013 course schedule for IIT IFSH's Food Processing Specialist Certificate program is now available for download online on the IFSH website. Students must complete the application process by July 30. Application forms also are available online in downloadable format.


For more information on IIT IFSH educational programs, please contact Renee McBrien, Manager, Education and Outreach, at 708.563.8287.
Illinois Institute of Technology's (IIT) Institute for Food Safety and Health (IFSH) is a one-of-a-kind applied food science research institute that provides stakeholders in government, industry and academia the opportunity to develop and exchange knowledge and expertise to address key issues in food safety, food defense and nutrition. Located at IIT's Moffett Campus in Bedford Park, IL, IFSH is also home to the FDA CFSAN Division of Food Processing Science and Technology. For more, visit