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Issue 6      

December 2011 



December 2011 marks the end of a busy year for our organization. It was just one year ago that the IIT Executive Board approved a change in status from "center" to "institute," marking the beginning of our evolution to the IIT Institute for Food Safety and Health. With a new visual identity and reorganization under the IFSH umbrella now complete, we are excited to push forward in 2012 to create more opportunities for our members and stakeholders.  


On behalf of the IIT IFSH staff, I would like to extend to you our best wishes for a happy holiday season. We look forward to another great year of partnership with you and your organization. 


Best regards,


Robert E. Brackett, PhD

IIT Vice President and IFSH Director, IFSH



Center Directors Named
Alvin Lee


In November, IIT VP and IFSH Director Robert Brackett, PhD, announced three new IFSH Center Directors who will manage and oversee the projects in each operating unit. The new directors are:

  • Alvin Lee, PhD, Director, IFSH Center for Processing Innovation (CPI)
  • Britt Burton-Freeman, PhD, Director, IFSH Center for Nutrition Research (CNR)
  • Jason Wan, PhD, Acting Director, IFSH Center for Specialty Programs (CSP)
Britt Burton-Freeman

Brackett and FDA Division of Food Processing

Science and Technology (DFPST) Director Richard MacDonald, PhD, will continue to serve as co-directors of IFSH's fourth center, the National Center for Food Safety and Technology (NCFST).

Jason Wan


The directors will present operating plans at the IIT IFSH executive advisory board strategic organizational meeting in December.  


More information about IFSH's research centers will be available on the IFSH website in January. 



HPP ESL Consortium Forms at IFSH            


IIT IFSH has announced the formation of a High Pressure Processing Extended Shelf Life (HPP ESL) consortium. Participating member companies and stakeholders met in early December to establish an organizational and management structure, as well as to collaborate and identify expected outcomes. 


The objectives of the consortium are to establish and validate processing parameters to support microbial inactivation for extended shelf-life foods that will allow regulatory acceptance and commercialization. The HPP ESL consortium will address the needs for validation of preventive control measures for ESL products, which are required of food facilities to meet pending FDA regulations promulgated under the Food Safety Modernization Act. In addition, the group aims to substantiate shelf-life and quality enhancements of these food products.  


The planning discussions included a focus on a broad range of acidified foods with significant market opportunities.  


Low Moisture Foods Safety Task Force Update


IFSH formed a new Low Moisture Foods Safety Task Force in 2011, which includes representatives from its member companies, FDA, and other stakeholders to address the technical challenges associated with microbial decontamination of dry foods. The group's mission is to support research to develop risk assessments and mitigation strategies.


Through a series of teleconferences, the task force's industry-driven steering team has decided the roles and responsibilities of the various product-specific research teams. Each product sub-team is composed of an industry leader partnered with an FDA and an IIT IFSH scientist to create a truly collaborative effort. The sub-teams are working to determine and formulate actions to address research gaps as they seek to prepare their companies with tools to support compliance with upcoming rulemaking associated with the Food Safety Modernization Act.


For more information on IFSH task forces or consortia, please contact Armand Paradis, Director, Business Development.   




2012 Spring Semester Course Line-Up Features New Nutrition Offering from IFSH          

IIT's Spring Semester begins January 9, 2012 and ends May 5, 2012. Among the spring educational offerings is a new 400-level course on nutrition, metabolism and health, presented by Britt Burton-Freeman, PhD, IIT IFSH Director, Center for Nutrition Research. A special information sheet on the course is available in downloadable PDF format. 


Full listings with course descriptions, credit hour information and prerequisite criteria are available online at the IFSH website Degrees & Training pages for the following Spring Semester 2012 classes:     


FST/FPE 401 - Nutrition, Metabolism and Health

Instructor: Britt Burton-Freeman, PhD
Monday and Wednesday, 10:00 to 11:15 am
Main Campus, Room TBD


FST/FPE 507 - Food Analysis
Instructor: Jack Cappozzo
Tuesday and Thursday, 5:00 to 6:15 pm
Main Campus, Room TBD

FST/FPE 521 - Food Process Engineering
Instructor: Kathiravan Krishnamurthy, PhD
Monday and Wednesday, 5:00 to 6:15 pm
Main Campus, Room TBD


FST/FPE 531 - HACCP Planning and Implementation

Instructor: Jason Wan, PhD
Saturday, 9:00 to 11:30 am

Main Campus, Room TBD


For more information about course registration, please contact

Renee McBrien, Manager, Education and Outreach.  





Absar Alum

FDA DFPST at IIT IFSH is pleased to announce that Absar Alum, PhD, has joined FDA DFPST as an FDA Commissioner's Fellow and will conduct research in foodborne virology. As a research faculty member of Arizona State University for the past 10 years, Alum's research has focused on the area of soil, water and environmental microbiology, specializing in waterborne and foodborne virology and parasitology.  


Congratulations to the following IIT IFSH research team and 

administrative staff members promoted to the following appointments:

  • Stephen F. Grove, PhD, Manager, Industry Projects, Center for Processing Innovation
  • Lacey Guillen, PhD, Manager, Proficiency Testing and Methods Validation, Center for Specialty Programs
  • Renee McBrien, Manager, Education and Outreach
  • Qian (Sherry) Sui, Project Leader, Special Projects, Center for Specialty Programs
  • Barbara Neuman, Finance  

Access our online Staff Directory to send these individuals a note of congratulations!




New Publications       

 FPT Cover 2011

"Cooling Practices Used in School Foodservice," coauthored by Kathiravan Krishnamuthy, PhD, IIT IFSH, and Jeannie Sneed of Kansas State University, was published in the December 2011 edition of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) journal, Food Protection Trends.

The paper reports on a nationwide online survey of 411 school foodservice managers and directors conducted to identify current practices used for cooling foods in school districts and to determine whether these practices have changed since the implementation of the required food safety program based on HACCP principles in 2006.

Illinois Institute of Technology's (IIT) Institute for Food Safety and Health (IFSH) is a one-of-a-kind applied food research institute that provides stakeholders in government, industry and academia the opportunity to develop and exchange knowledge and expertise to address key issues in food safety, food defense and nutrition. Located at IIT's Moffett Campus in Bedford Park, IL, IFSH is also home to the FDA CFSAN Division of Food Processing Science and Technology. For more, visit