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Issue 2  

August 2011 



It was great to see so many of you at the 100th anniversary meeting of the International Association for Food Protection earlier this month. Among the many noteworthy events at the conference was Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack's announcement of a $25 million collaborative grant to study noroviruses in foods in which IFSH is a partner institution. There is more on this announcement posted on our website and through our social media channels.  


As always, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions for making IFSH's Insight a value-add for you and all of our members and stakeholder organizations.

Best regards,


Robert E. Brackett, PhD

IIT Vice President and IFSH Director, IFSH


Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack
Secretary of State Tom Vilsack announces the $25 million USDA NIFA grant to study noroviruses in foods.

Vilsack Announces $25 Million Norovirus Collaborative Grant


(Milwaukee, WI) August 3, 2011 - The Institute for Food Safety and Health (IFSH) at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), is one of more than 30 institutions awarded a $25 million collaborative grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) to strengthen food safety by studying human noroviruses across the food supply chain in an effort to design effective control measures and reduce the number of virus-caused foodborne illnesses.


The grant was officially announced August 3, 2011, by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack at the International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting in Milwaukee, WI. Secretary Vilsack told the audience of food safety professionals that USDA NIFA has made food safety research one of its top priorities. Last year, NIFA fun
Jaykus Lee Norovirus Grant
North Carolina State University's Lee-Ann Jaykus, PhD, and IIT IFSH's Alvin Lee were on hand to hear the official grant announcement from Secretary Vilsack Aug. 3. NCSU is the lead institution on the grant and IFSH is one of 30 partner institutions.
ded more than $70 million in food safety research and education projects.

"Today, I'd like to announce a $25 million award to study human noroviruses across the food supply chain," said Secretary Vilsack. "This is important work, and   will help us understand how human noroviruses are transmitted and survive in food, and ultimately strengthen our efforts to control them. Enhancing our understanding of human noroviruses is the first step toward reducing the  number of foodborne illnesses they cause."

The $25 million grant will fund the development of a team of researchers,  led by North Carolina State University, to establish the USDA-NIFA Food Virology Collaborative to increase understanding of foodborne viruses through a range of scientific studies and education initiatives.

Check out our news page at the IFSH website for the whole story.




IFSH Library FAO Collection Indexed 

ifsh library book shelves


In July 2011, IFSH Librarian David Griesemer completed indexing more than 5,700 volumes of material produced by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. The indexing of the FAO Collection represents more   than two years of work that started when former IFSH (NCFST) Director, Martin Cole, made the decision to integrate FAO material into the library's collection in 2009.  


Currently, the IFSH Library is one of 12 libraries in the United States that receives FAO material on a regular basis. The FAO material at the IFSH Library dates back to 1945, and is expected to play an important role in the growth of IFSH's academic programs.  


"In addition to the volume of materials of use to our graduate and professional development students," adds Griesemer, "the FAO collection supplements the monograph collection, which FDA and IFSH staff members will find valuable as well. Also, IFSH corporate and allied members, who can use the facility when on site, will benefit from the tremendous amount of statistical data available in the FAO collection, on topics spanning pesticides to post-harvest loss rates."

Link to our website for more details on the FAO Collection.  




Grove Named IAFP PDG Vice-Chair  


Stephen Grove
Stephen Grove
Congratulations to Stephen Grove, PhD, IFSH scientist, who has been elected vice-chair  of the Viral and Parasitic Foodborne Disease Professional Development Group of the International Association for Food Protection. The group's mission is to promote awareness of non-bacterial causes of foodborne disease by encouraging food safety professionals and others to seek education and training that will enable them to contribute to preventing non-bacterial foodborne infections and outbreaks.


IFSH Welcomes New Nutrition Research Staffers    


Ravi Kiran Tadapaneni, BE, a recent graduate of IIT IFSH, joins

Ravi Tadapaneni
Ravi Tadapaneni

the institute as a research assistant, specializing in food processing and nutrition, focusing on antioxidants.   

Shama Joseph
Shama Joseph


Shama Joseph, PhD, joins the IFSH Clinical Nutrition Research Center team as a post-doctoral fellow with expertise in functional foods and nutraceuticals. Her research includes a specialization on the effect of different conjugated linoleic acid isomers on lipid metabolism and body composition.

Brittany Wuchner
Brittany Wuchner

Brittany Wuchner, joins IFSH as a clinical nutrition research assistant, with expertise in clinical nutrition

Yancui Huang
Yancui Huang



Yancui Huang, joins IFSH as a clinical nutrition research assistant, with expertise in clinical nutritional science.






Make plans to meet up with IFSH leaders and researchers at the following food science and trade conferences:


AOAC International 

Sept. 18-21, New Orleans, LA


IFSH Annual Meeting 

October 11-12, Hyatt Lodge, McDonald's Campus, Oak Brook, IL


Allergen Workshop on Managing Allergens in Dry Manufacturing 

(co-sponsored by Deloitte & Touche, LLC and IFSH)

October 13, Deloitte Offices, Chicago, IL  


In Print   

  • IIT VP and IFSH Director Robert Brackett was quoted in an article on the future of food safety by Julie Larson Bricher, IFSH communications manager, in a special digital apple puzzlesupplement of Food Product Design magazine. Check out the article links. 
  • A PubMed online preprint is available on an upcoming Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry research paper on the effect of black currant anthocyanins on the activation of eNOS in vitro in human endothelial cells by IFSH nutrition researchers.  Take me to the abstract.
  • IFSH FDA DFPST research chemist Timothy Duncan is the author of a feature article (in press) in Elsevier's Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, entitled, "Applications of Nanotechnology in Food Packaging and Food Safety: Barrier Materials, Anitmicrobials and Sensors." Click here for a downloadable PDF of the article.  

Don't Forget to Download Your Copy Today! 

Each year, IFSH's National Center for Food Safety and Technology publishes the Annual Review of Collaborative Research for members only. The 2010 report is 216 pages, published digitally in PDF format.


Members can download the two-part file from  the Members only area of the IFSH website. If you've forgotten your login ID and password, please contact LaShondra Stephens.


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