Hail Mary        

Our Lady of Lourdes College,   Mankon Bamenda.

First Batch



From 1963: Above are the Dinosaurs members of the first batch of 35 students.


Today: Members of the Student Welfare Committee representing 730 students. 




  Launching of the Golden Jubilee in Cameroon

 at the College Campus.


 Saturday January 28, 2012. 




On Saturday January 28, 2012, at the campus of Our Lady of Lourdes College, Mankon, Bamenda, Cameroon, yes, the headline and news from local to international settings reflect reality on the ground: the Launching of the Golden Jubilee of Our Lady of Lourdes College is blazing the path  to January 5, 2013. 


His Grace  Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua  is the celebrant at the opening mass. The  Governor of the Northwest Province Abakar Ahamat Chairs the Golden Jubilee Launching.


Yvonne on the Update Beat
Catching up the buzz on the Ground
Yvonne Monekosso
 Yvonne Monekosso, Deputy Chair, Publicity Committee
The Publicity Committee is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that The Golden Jubilee Launching gets the coverage and publicity that it deserves.

On Thursday January 26, at exactly 11.15am yesterday, the crew from the Live Brunch show in Buea, a National Radio Programme was at the University of Buea Campus and spoke with Professor Theresa Akenji, Chair of the Golden Jubilee Steering Committee, at her office on the what be happening over this blessed weekend of January 28th, 2012 in Bamenda.

In Bamenda, Rev. Sr. Ndidi, Principal of Our Lady of Lourdes College and some of her Prefects were on Air in CRTV Bamenda's Morning Show with a documentary of the daily running of the school as well as sensitizing the entire Public on the Golden Jubilee.

On Sunday January 22, LESA Yaounde was on TAM-TAM weekend doing what we know how to do best- Selling our image, reputation and brand !! The Word is that the Grand Soeurs Rocked!!

Next was the Safari Show all about the Golden Jubilee Launch. I lift my hat to you all.!! National President Mrs Emilia Chindo and some members of Lesa Bamenda could be heard as early as 5.00AM on Tuesday making sure that the early birds got connected with the hottest event coming up over this weekend with a song. Bravo ! Bravo!

Mrs Jackie Kisob is redefining great job to greater accomplishment in engaging the local community in the North West region.

On January 25, Littoral Region airwaves gave the population insights on the Lourdes @ 50 affair. From the Live Show at FM 105 with Moise Banteke and Behyia Leonard Bruce, to luncheon date at 2pm with thanks to Mr. Kenneth Asobo.. and the crowning evening on STV during the News completed the information and public education blitz on Lourdes going Gold at 50. 

Our sisters in the Diaspora are also fully engaged and committed towards this grandiose event. They have a series of events lined up from now until January 2013 when Lourdes College turns 50 . The Valentines' Day party come February 11th 2012 is just the first of other exciting Launching Galas planned!! Keep them coming sisters.
Reporting from Update from the Ground with Yvonne, the direct quote: Les vraies choses viennent de commencer!!
Your Outreached Hand and Open Heart
For a Laudable Cause


Thanking Hands 

Gift of Four Apartment Staff Quarters

From 35 students in 1963 to the current enrollment of 730, the growth captures an unbroken tradition of outstanding results from the Catholic, all-girls institution of learning - Our Lady of Lourdes College, Mankon Bamenda dedicated to the enduring values of holistic education that nurtures the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, creative and spiritual growth of each student.


In the 2010/2011 academic year, the best student in the country was from Our Lady of Lourdes College Mankon, Bamenda, evident by test scores in the GCE results. An enabling school environment that provides physical and emotional security plays a vital role in actively engaging students in the teaching and learning process and it encourages personal and collective responsibility for excellence.


The journey that began in 1963 has seen many cornerstones laid and milestones realized with immeasurable support from students, former students, parents, staff, Cameroonians and the international community. From the addition of a high school, modern library to water project and scholarship from LESA USA, the road to the Golden Jubilee in 2013 has been graced with blessings and thanks to God.


With the need to provide academic, social and moral support to students, the learning environment is a priority in upholding the renown quality of education at Our Lady of Lourdes College. Due to the proximity of shared borders with urban neighborhoods, the hassles and disturbances from thieves interfere with the ideal of a peaceable school campus. It is imperative to ensure that our students are prepared to learn without fear as they strive to actualize their greatest potentials. The role of teachers, who have daily interactions with students, is invaluable in meeting the challenges. In deed, beyond the classroom, the teacher is a mentor and advisor.


From 3 teachers in 1963 to 43 today, the unsung heroes and heroines are a central part of Lourdes' storied excellence. The Golden Jubilee Appeal is to build a four apartment staff quarters on campus for teachers, which is a cost effective approach to realize the summarized multidimensional benefits:


1) Improved time for lesson plans: Staying on campus enables teachers to have more time to prepare lesson plans. Staff planning and collaboration among teachers will enhance the quality of teaching.
2) Improved student outcomes: With teachers more accessible on campus, after-school academic advisory and supervisory interactions between teachers and students will empower and encourage students to become lifelong learners, to be responsible for their learning and actions, the learning environment.
3) Improved Morale: With teachers' reach beyond traditional classroom boundaries, they will be able to directly or indirectly reach larger number of students beyond their classroom walls in fostering and modeling social and moral discipline
4) Improved Teacher Retention: The incentives of campus facilities will reduce the cost of housing and transportation, which are incentives in recruiting and retaining highly qualified teaching staff.
The total cost of the building is estimated at 50,000,000F (Fifty Million Francs) CFA. We are confident that with your support, the befitting gift will be unveiled on January 5, 2013 to mark the Golden Jubilee.


In the United States, LESA USA is poised for an outstanding coast to coast Golden Jubilee Launching at its Valentine Day Extravaganza on February 11 (officially heralded Feb 14). 2012 in Washington/Maryland, Georgia/Atlanta, California and Minnesota. The LESA USA Golden Jubilee Launching gets an extra creative flair with the LESA USA - Carolinas Masquerade Ball on February 18, 2012.

With evidence of public trust well earned and upheld, we count on your support in building the staff quarters to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Our Lady of Lourdes College.
For the Gala nearest to you, check on the link: Launching. 
                                   Your donation will build. 
                                    God Bless You and Yours.


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