Volume 1, Issue 16 (a correction)
December 4,  2011
A correction of today's newsletter with apologies to Dr. Andrew Snelling!




Today's newsletter included a reference to a matter in Dr. Andrew Snelling's paper on the radiocarbon dating of NAMI's discovery of what appears to be Noah's Ark that was incorrect, careless, and unkind. The matter has nothing to do either with NAMI's discovery or Dr. Snelling's analysis, but concerns the basic science of radiocarbon production.  It was I who was incorrect, careless, and unkind in the following paragraph that appears in my article today referencing Dr. Snelling's paper:
He writes that "C-14 atoms are produced from Nitrogen atoms in the earth's atmosphere today as a result of the bombardment of the earth by cosmic rays from outer space." Of course that does not nor cannot happen. Perhaps his reference to Nitrogen was merely a mistake due to his report not having been reviewed before it was published. Or else his reviewers lack the scientific training. I cannot be sure. Dr. Snelling and his fellow Creationists may have their own version of atomic science as they have their own special version of radiocarbon dating. 
It seems that the one with his own special form of atomic science is me. It is also me who failed to make a proper review of what he was publishing. My apologies to Dr. Andrew Snelling of Answers in Genesis who correctly described the recognized process of C-14 production. 
I appreciate Wythe Sims from Orlando, Florida for pointing this out. 
Best regards,


Philip Williams
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