Volume 1, Issue 1August 7, 2011

I have been promising many of you (1) the completion of my book based on 20 years of researching the remains of ancient man in the light of the early chapters of Genesis and (2) an update concerning the progress of my Hong Kong friends who last year announced the discovery of a giant artifact buried under glacier ice and volcanic rock near the peak of Mt Ararat in eastern Turkey. That artifact looks much like the biblical description of Noah's Ark!

Here at last is information about both: the book and recent discovery that challenge the foundations of the scientific understanding of mankind's past. These developments dispute the notion that our modern world's knowledge about big issues is superior to the beliefs of our fathers. They challenge the postmodern belief that it is impossible to know truth. We may even have reliable knowledge about the obscure ages in man's ancient past. 

With the foundations of our world already shaking, we are not accustomed to good news, giving many the confidence to return to the truth that once united us. A door of truth may have opened that will allow us not only to survive but to joyfully thrive in these troubling times. It gives hope to our children. Those of us who are older may also have a future.

Are these new developments in fact sufficient to reboot mankind's understanding to his original source code? Indeed these findings also need testing. We have invited the highest levels of responsible mainstream science to do their own investigations. In the meantime, we welcome your questions about these findings whether privately or to our web blogs and Facebook Discussion page that we are also launching with this newsletter. 

I hope that you will not only look carefully at the content of this newsletter, but that you will forward it to members of your family, friends, and others who may be interested or have questions about these big issues pertaining to the Bible and history.

Regards to you all,

Philip Williams
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Needing your help
The book on Noah's Flood
Update on the Ararat discovery

Needing your help in spreading the word.

You are receiving the first edition of the newsletter by which we will try to keep you informed about these exciting events. We do not have a big budget for publicity (or anything else). However important these developments, many of you have probably not yet heard of them. This newsletter and the associated websites feature in the Quick Links below are the primary sources for the latest news on these developments and for support for the work on these developments here in the US.

You can help simply by forwarding this newsletter and links to the Christian Leaders & Scholars website to those who might be interested in following this challenge to the scientific history that for too long has replaced the Bible and ancient traditions as the authority for the truth about mankind's past. 

The book on Noah's Flood
This long-awaited book is now available!

The Archaeological Evidence of Noah's Flood

After more than twenty years of research and writing, this book is at last available. This work chronicles my quest arising from the dilemma posed to my scientific mind by Jesus' reference to Noah's Flood. The book explains the methodology that would reveal the truth as to whether this event actually took place. It chronicles the disappointments I encountered before my surprising 1994 discovery.

Find out how archaeologists have been missing the Flood due to their focus on studying individual archaeological sites rather than pondering the massive numbers of dead buried with all their possessions. Follow the archaeological traces that tie the linguistic and settlement patterns of ancient man to the nations descending from Noah's family.

There is much more in this book, including how our current scientific views of man and the earth's past came to be believed. The book also addresses the related spiritual issues: why Jesus and his Apostles compared the events surrounding his Second Coming to this erstwhile restarting of mankind's history: the case for taking the words of the Bible at face; and how the scientific method, more often extolled than used, is based on biblical injunctions for how believers themselves are to test claims of truth. (Read more about the book)

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Update: Ararat discovery
Documentary soon to be released
I wrote my 400-page book on Noah's Flood scarcely mentioning the searches for Noah's Flood that have gotten so much attention in the media. I knew that many of these claims were based on imagination or fraud. No one was more surprised than I when, last April, ABC's Dianne Sawyer mentioned a reported discovery on Mt. Ararat that matched my own archaeological findings. 

Coverage of this announcement was immediately eclipsed by charges that the announced find was a hoax. It was my knowledge of this era and region that caused me to support the findings of the Hong Kong team and challenge the accusation that the announcement of Noah's Ark Ministries International (NAMI) was a hoax. For good reason, the accusers have since become silent as the Ark searching world awaits further information on this discovery. There is in fact a giant wood structure of maritime construction buried under the ice and a naturally occurring rock slide at about the same elevation as the highest mountain peak in the continental United States.

The scientific questions pertaining to the discovery are answered in my book. By the same providence that has protected this easy-to-understand ancient testimony to the truth of the Scriptures until this opportune moment, the book has been released in the very year that scientific investigation of this artifact begins.

(Read more about the Ararat discovery)

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