Communication & Tutoring Match

communicationsBecause communication 

is essential between all parents, students, tutors and

Tutoring Matchwe thought we would highlight the most common examples of communication:  

  • LOGGING IN to your tutorial account; we can view tutor account sign ins. 
  • USING YOUR PROFILE's Narrative, Payment Options, Calendar and Testimonials fields to inform prospective clients about YOU; everyone who views your profile can see your level of commitment and interest.
  • ACCEPTING OR DECLINING a tutorial request within 24 hours; your timely response is another indicator of your interest.
  • INTRODUCING YOURSELF to a client to schedule a first session via phone or email. 
  • CALLING or EMAILING TUTORING MATCH with the date of a tutorial's first session
  • SUBMITTING YOUR TUTORIAL HOURS on your online time sheet
  • CONTACTING A PARENT OR STUDENT during the course of a tutorial
  • RESPONDING to email messages from Tutoring Match 

TM responds to all email and phone correspondence asap within 24 hours.


ACTIVATION: If Tutor wants his or her account to stay active while Tutor is unavailable or on vacation, Tutor can place a notification using CAPITAL LETTERS in Tutor's profile's narrative text box.


DEACTIVATION: Tutor must call or email TM to deactivate Tutor's account.  

REACTIVATION: Tutor must call or email TM to reactivate Tutor's account.

PROGRESS REPORTS: Parents occasionally request a monthly or weekly progress report for a student. TM will supply Tutor with forms for this purpose. TM asks that these checklist reports be submitted (emailed or faxed) to TM at the end of each month.

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